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  1. valerianos

    BTW, @Fighter, all my posts have been deleted and are expired. Sorry for the trouble I caused about this. I really mean it. From now on as said before I'll manage things in a different way that will be more balanced. Hopefully. Love Cristian
  2. valerianos

    That, my friend, was the right answer to make me stay. But let me tell you something. Some users like this manhunter now is asking me to reshare Nikka Costa's collection. I won't. Wanna know why? Cause I have NEVER seen him sharing anything at all, at least in this part of the forum. So I reserve myself to say NO when I think I have to, and I'll keep links alive as long as I think it's normal. Again, I'm not a torrent tracker and awe nothing to anybody. Whenever a certain user deserves something, I send it in private. That being said, I'm glad I'm back and I'm thankful for your answer:) Love Cristian
  3. valerianos

    That makes sense to me. If only users do what they have to do... I mean, report dead links. I didn't. I didn't even know (you know that) I had to report dead links. Going to do it from now on, to you I guess. I'm not a torrent tracker. I can't keep links alive forever even if I'd like to, cause I need the feel to share new thinks. And when a bunch of people already grabbed what I posted, I see no point on keeping my links alive, and need to move on and share other things. Consider all my links from now on dead. That's my report. I'm starting to share more music. And I'd like to see that that "reshare" part I've been clearly missing. Truth is truth. Most grab and go, They don't even take the time to thank what they grab. So why should they take care about others need some track of single to be reshared? Just my point of view. My links are going to be alive for a limited period of time. If it's ok with the forum's rules, it's ok. Otherwise, let me know, and I know what I have to do (yeah, leave). Thanks, Fighter:)
  4. valerianos

    I've been around for a long while and hardly see users reposting original/expired posts... Anyway, it was just an idea thank makes sense to me:)
  5. and you're not able for whatever reason to reupload them at the time, or send the thread to "dead threads" section? It would avoid alot of anger/frustration. One can't always control all the time our own posted links if they're still alive or not. And most of us use free services, so.... Just a suggestion. Thanks!
  6. valerianos

    I'm afraid so. The guy keeps being online. No more messages.
  7. valerianos

    Of course I will. Instantly.
  8. valerianos

    Still can be a hoax, but at least he/she's responding...
  9. valerianos

    No news about it yet.
  10. valerianos

    I'm afraid is a hoax, yeah...
  11. valerianos

    I've been online for hours. Waiting for the poster to appear online. BTW, it's #songstems @ Discord
  12. valerianos

    Posted today at Discord. Anyone has any info on it? I contacted the poster. Offline. No answer yet.