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  1. If you play Like A Prayer backwards she sings "Hear us, Save us Satan" and on Justify My Love backwards she says "I love Satan". It was common knowledge at the time. Don't know about any of her other tracks having daft messages in though.
  2. rescueme

    thesoundofvinyl had the Madame X blue vinyl exclusive but it has sold out
  3. rescueme*/Coloured-Vinyl/ I haven't ordered from either but they have some exclusives
  4. rescueme

    I loved the "The Name Game" dream sequence musical number in Asylum. It was so unexpected. They should have stopped there with the musical numbers though, it became a cliché very quickly.
  5. rescueme

    The polka dot costume and choreography makes Blond Ambition my favourite by far
  6. If she does have any kind of album out after Madame X she's going to need a new record contract first surely
  7. rescueme

    I like The Exorcist but I can't say it scared me. They should stop tinkering with it as well, the CGI demon faces they added in the most recent re-cut stick out like a sore thumb. I like having the spider-walk back in but other than that the original cut is the best.
  8. rescueme

    Halloween and The Fog are both firm favourites of mine. Where I live we often get fog banks rolling in from the sea that completely envelope the village and surrounding countryside. I love hearing the fog horns in the middle of the night. Spooky.
  9. rescueme

    Years ago I went through a period of watching as many of the "video nasties" as I could get my grubby paws on. The only thing that actually made me flinch was the chisel and hammer to the teeth pov shot towards the end of The Last House On The Left. Oh and I had to watch Cannibal Holocaust in two sittings as I was too stoned to cope haha. I honestly prefer suspense to full on gore but they all have their place.
  10. I know where beauty lives

    1. the salamander

      the salamander

      i've seen it once

    2. somethingscomingover


      i know the warmth she gives

  11. rescueme

    Just finished it and I quite liked it, even more so because they didn't just copy the amazing original. Have you seen Daughters of Darkness? I was a little reminded of that whilst I watched Suspiria
  12. rescueme

    I do have Prime, I'll have a look tonight
  13. rescueme

    It's very rare that a remake is ever as good as the original but I thought The Ring was spot on. Haven't seen the Suspiria remake yet but quite excited to.
  14. rescueme

    At the age of 6 my primary school decided to show Jaws as the end of term film, that film really messed up my tiny little mind lol. I prefer the older horrors, with a particular fondness for Vincent Price and most of the Dario Argento films.