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  1. If you play Like A Prayer backwards she sings "Hear us, Save us Satan" and on Justify My Love backwards she says "I love Satan". It was common knowledge at the time. Don't know about any of her other tracks having daft messages in though.
  2. If she does have any kind of album out after Madame X she's going to need a new record contract first surely
  3. giphy-tumblr.gif

    1. rescueme


      In the good old days you had to put in a bit of effort to get the best seats

  4. If I lie with you long enough I can see the things I'm dreaming of

  5. Game of Thrones last night though. :hearno::speakno::seeno:

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    2. rescueme


      You watched 8 seasons of a show you're not a big fan of?

    3. Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      No, I skipped a couple. 

      You don't honestly think that the hundreds of millions of people who watch it are all 'big fans', do you?

    4. rescueme


      Most of them yep, why would anyone watch a tv series they didn't like :lol:


  6. Well since you argue your point so well. Jimmy Saville was never found guilty either so I guess he was innocent too.
  7. As long as they agree with your opinions of course.
  8. The topic was closed for a good reason
  9. if it's bitter at the start then it's sweeter in the end

    1. RUADJAI


      sounds familiar

  10. Shakespear's Sister have reformed!! :tongue: New single All The Queen's Horses is out a week tomorrow. I can't cope.

  11. I hate this city but I stay cos of you

  12. rapture tastes so sweet

  13. I'm like "Oh my god! I think it's karma"

    1. Ulisaax640


      Lol CAR-MA! ? haha 

      vrrrrrrr!!! Skrrrrrt

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