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  1. rescueme

    I'm Going Banana's! Every single day.
  2. rescueme

    I'd be really surprised if they completely over look it but there's been very little promo over here so far. That could easily change over the next few weeks.
  3. rescueme

    It hasn't made either Radio 1 or Radio 2s playlists. Radio 1 is no surprise as it's demographic is 15-30 year olds and as we all know they actually spontaneously combust if they hear anyone over 30 singing. It is getting played on proper music stations though, apparently.
  4. the calm before the storm

  5. rescueme

    you get rep points for people liking your posts, you have 71... 72 (it's on your post in green)
  6. rescueme

    1. Live To Tell (still her best song in my opinion) 2. All the other songs depending on what mood I'm in are worthy runner ups except... 13. Give Me All Your Luvin' (not quite her worst song ever but still, should've just been for the Superbowl and then tacked on the end of the deluxe edit of MDNA)
  7. rescueme

    Hopefully we'll get a physical release or else it'll just be the album on vinyl and CD again.
  8. rescueme

    Streaming is such a joke. The fact a song can get to number one without actually selling a single copy is such a hollow victory.
  9. And the world can look so sad

    1. Piranha


      only you make me feel good

    2. AddictedToUrMDNA


      I got You, under ma skin 

      i got you, under :hug:ma skin

  10. They really should have kept streaming and physical sales separate. You'd have thought The Eagles would've been higher since they have both the biggest selling and the third biggest selling album of all time.
  11. rescueme

    I'm waiting for the UK premiere tomorrow so no spoilers please
  12. rescueme

    Hmm past couple of months it's been happening, not all the time but enough that I noticed. I haven't downloaded anything for a couple of weeks though
  13. rescueme

    I know how to find the attachments and I can select them all but there's no delete option :s