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  1. the single premiered first in Japan or Australia ?? So there are chances of hearing it tomorrow right?
  2. fernando2

    omg nono.. what happen with promise to try .. :(
  3. fernando2

    for those who voted "hc"
  4. fernando2

    what about vogue vs words??
  5. fernando2

    oh i forgot that "la isla.." version ..
  6. "like a prayer" album ..because it was the first madonna album that I bought at a record store when I was a child in 2002
  7. fernando2

    i hope so bad for bad girl ,and maybe other ballads like rain oh father spanish eyes ...................... from the 10': turn up the radio and ghosttown
  8. fernando2

    mdna and mdna tour worst: mdna tour dvd
  9. fernando2

    where's the funny reaction babes ??
  10. fernando2

    erotica, lap ,
  11. fernando2

    the tour was amazing .. I could only attend the sticky and the mdna .. this last one is the best show I've ever attended in my life but the dvd really does not do justice . . I'm always interested in the audio of the dvd and that also is ruined .. only in 5.1 you can see more sounds than in the stereo that the noise of the audience is unbearable .. even the version (rough) sounds better .. I think it's real, there were many doubts an example: that the audio of don't cry for me arg and love spent live in buenos aires were edited for the dvd
  12. fernando2

    turn up the radio
  13. fernando2

    bad girl for sure... but there are so many songs to choose :( ..
  14. fernando2

    Bad girl ..end!