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  1. i watched this clip and the visuals with the city seemed very pleasing to me, is dick tracy a good movie? should i watch?


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    2. Skyline Pigeon

      Skyline Pigeon

      Movie pretty much sucks but the soundtrack is nice.

    3. proxy


      Yes you should.

    4. DickTracy


      I *LOVE* this movie! Fun comic scenery, an all star cast, a fantastic twist at the ending - what else could you ask for in the film? My favorite performances (besides Madonna) are Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

  2. one of her best photos


    1. Skyline Pigeon

      Skyline Pigeon

      I see this picture being used a lot in artwork, it reminds me of the Celebration album cover.

    2. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      it is the celebration album cover, they used her face from this photo i-

  3. her hair here really look like the hair you see in greek sculptures


  4. no more HD updates in her channel?

  5. is there a site where you can see which is the highest peak of an album in each country on iTunes even when its not charting now? 

  6. i think there should be a thread in this forum with stories from older madonna fans who were alive during her peak years, or even before her debut. maybe post stories about her, how people reacted to her debut, how fast she became popular, what people were saying about her, how they were reacting to her new sounds, changing image etc.

    stories and facts that SHOULDN'T be lost as time passes, imo.

    1. RUADJAI
    2. Andymad


      ? facts. Rude. Lolololol you bitch

  7. Italy winning both Eurovision and Euro cup during the 35th anniversary of Madonna saying "italians do it better" :Madonna006:

  8. Mods should make a thread about Madonna where users can talk about everything without creating a new thread. Like a thread called "random" or idk.

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    2. Madame X

      Madame X

      We already have a thread to discuss her Instagram postings. There's no need to open a new thread everytime she uploads something good like yesterday.

      And also users keep starting new threads for stuff already asked/requested/discussed before. Why don't they use the search option?

    3. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      im not talking about her IG, but about her career in general. we can have a thread where we can talk about her career and life, or ask a question, without opening new threads since they may not be THAT important questions!

    4. RUADJAI


      @Régine Filange I see what you mean... I think as of now people mostly use their status updates to ask random questions, and the Instagram thread and the Madame X DVD thread become the running conversations. I remember there was an awkward moment right after the tour ended and we didn't seem to have a place to just talk... Maybe we could call it that.. "Running Conversation"

  9. Does anyone remember the date Warner Bros transferred Madonna's videos from their channel to hers? It was 2017 but idk date.

  10. I thought the site closed..

    1. Fighter


      apparently it was just in a comma. You can read more on the announcements section :hug:

  11. Members who give you a "like" in a comment juse to take the link and download something rare, and then take it back, are the WORSE. Mods should really make the like button in these posts permanent. Once you like, you can't get it back. Or people need to stop sharing.

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    2. Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman

      I did this a few times too.

      Because when something has been circulating in low quality for years and someone claims to post a 320 or wav and it's just the same low quality shit reencoded in a different container, they don't deserve to keep the like. 

    3. RUADJAI


      also, sometimes the link is dead. I be taking my "like" back REAL QUICK.

      Cuz I dont like that. :Madonna030:

    4. Fighter


      if someone uploads a fake or the link is dead, it should be reported so we can remove it.

  12. I want this in better quality pls.


  13. How do i get the old background back?

    1. RUADJAI


      At the bottom of the page is a theme picker ?

  14. If anyone has MNation account please PM me. :)

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    2. Brendanlovesu1
    3. Philip


      Welcome to the club, I was banned by that bastard Magician too

    4. Philip


      And I don’t know why I was banned, is it because I said I didn’t want Madonna to do a world music album on Fado, or is it because I said Jeremy Corbin is a vile person. The moderators on madonnanation are a bunch of vile overreacting queens who cannot bear criticism . So sad I liked that forum

  15. Google "askew"

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    2. professormouse


      Uhm no.
      The Internet w a s thought of as a Wonderful Way for Scientists to talk together.
      In reality it's mostly Porn, Kittens & daft things like these.
      It's just like finding out how to spell 'Leggless' on a calculator only more so....

    3. emanon



      professormouse gimme more! ;)


    4. professormouse


      Google 'google tricks' !

  16. Guys do you like the lyric video? I made it.



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    2. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      Well I just checked and the video its blocked in US only. Where are you from? :Madonna009:

    3. RUADJAI
    4. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      you wouldn't be able to see it even if I upload it. :Madonna021:

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