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  1. another embarassing performance and appearance coming
  2. She's being weird at social media since 2019, idk what happened, and it's not about her image
  3. The video is the epitome of CRINGE but i still don't know why they get so much pressed about it. Idk how bored she can be to post shit and upload videos like this, and now she's posting them on TikTok, which is 100% more toxic than IG.
  4. like the masterpiece autotune baby
  5. "wait and see" isn't an answer or a valid argument
  6. i said albums, LAV tracks streams are awful, confessions has decent numbers from track 1 to track 12
  7. Sweetie you need HELP. Why would Fallon or Corden say no to her? Cause she's not selling as she used to when she was 30? Sweetie she's Madonna, she doesn't have anything else to prove, she can disappear for 20 years and Fallon will still want her on his show. You're so obsessed with success and sales. Also i'm younger than 30 and i do care about her, idk who lied to you but he got you for good.
  8. how is an illusion when it's her most-streamed album that was released before the streaming era? and when HU is one of her most well-known songs?
  9. she need to take off the fake cheeks already, but the annoying thing is how they showed her hand in one photo, and when she wears gloves they make give emphasis again on that, what the hell is their problem, deranged
  10. Teasing for 3 months the same remix + 13 extra seconds Everything else she'll do since then isn't going to be impressive, she doesn't care about doing decent music anymore and she isn't creative, i don't even know who told her about Fireboy but i'm sure she wasn't the one to pick him. The standards are low. The 50 remixes will be even more mediocre, she refuses to work in her music properly anymore and Frozen was a small preview. She just took a viral remix and added a feature to show what? To milk the song hoping to go more viral, that's why.
  11. She only put effort in Rebel Heart. Took years to finish Madame X, and not cuz she was trying to improve the album or make it more creative.
  12. Faz Gostoso, Killers Who Are Partying first half is unlistenable
  13. With her last few albums it felt like she didn't put much effort, time and passion at making them she used to do. She always had a good "music ear" and she was always coming back with a strong lead single. I wonder what happened after 2008 and she declined so fast musically. I mean, i don't blame her cuz her greatness lasted for so long compared to others, and she has a family, but i'm curious. It's like she has lost interest about music but keeps making music instead of just enjoying her life. In Madame X she doesn't even try to sing sometimes, she just screams loudly, she doesn't even try to sound good, she just sings. Now she's milking Frozen and makes a music video or idk for it, while she was always saying she doesn't like repeating her self.
  14. i watched this clip and the visuals with the city seemed very pleasing to me, is dick tracy a good movie? should i watch?


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    2. The First Citizen

      The First Citizen

      Movie pretty much sucks but the soundtrack is nice.

    3. proxy


      Yes you should.

    4. DickTracy


      I *LOVE* this movie! Fun comic scenery, an all star cast, a fantastic twist at the ending - what else could you ask for in the film? My favorite performances (besides Madonna) are Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

  15. they probably know that if we see the upscale we gonna get mad so they just ignore the big singles/videos and focus at her weakest ones, who will care if DCFMA or WTG videos get a mediocre upscale? no one. if they messed up with LAP tho, they know we gonna get them
  16. and acts like MJ faced huge controverses for pedophilia, yet not many disrespect him as they do with madonna also that doesn't justify the random hate from younger people when they don't even know most of these happened, but they know about mj's past
  17. Honestly, gay people are the worst. You could say that Madonna literally "sacrificed" her commercial success when she started supporting the LGBTQ community more and more, yet nowadays she gets hate by many gay people cause they like another female artist, and Madonna happens to be more successful than her. Gays people who hate on Madonna are worse than the rest, cuz Madonna is one of the biggest allies.
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