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  1. Not necessarily true. Small groups of vaccinated people can be maskless when they are together.
  2. Saw MDNA twice in Boston and saw Confessions 1 time.
  3. I am gonna agree and disagree. When I am at the show, it definitely sounds and feels live. I think the DVDs are mostly prerecorded. She needs to stop with the editsing and give us a Who's that Girl tour experience. I have never been to a Madonna tour where it was not evident that she was singing live 90 percent of the time. The DVDs are where I take issue. She is great live but needs to share that with her fans on the recordings.
  4. I do not wear masks around my vaccinated friends either. The CDC even says that is unnecessary for vaccinated persons. We also do not need to self quarantine if exposed. The recommendations are different for vaccinated people. It is not as if we have seen Madonna at a stadium or shopping mall without a mask.
  5. Negative comments are fine but people who only observe and do not do should temper their critiques. Madonna is a doer., not an observer.
  6. I do not hear Cher. I do in the Living for Love intro but definitely not in Rescue Me.
  7. Sometimes Madonna's vision kicks in late for her fans. Erotica and American Life were that way.
  8. Madonna has had a ton of dance hits since Celebration. She deserves a collection of her 50 number one dance songs if nothing else.
  9. Not me. I would skip my mother's own funeral to pop in to Madonna's for a peak at an unreleased DVD.
  10. I am glad they are coming out. I just feel that the scheduling is so frigging random and is taking forever. I love both songs.
  11. What an odd release schedule for the historic remixes. Fever and LDLHA are minor releases compared to many of the glaring omissions from her catalog. They need to just stream them all. It is not as if they are doing anything special to most of them. I would stream M more if her catalog was available on streaming platforms. As it stands there are so many releases that I can only access through my own collection. For an artist with 50 number one dance songs, her remix catalog is largely ignored on streaming platforms. I guess that I will have to remain patient. I am glad that we are get
  12. Survival.... I've been all up and down and all around. It's all about survival.
  13. Love Tried to Welcome Me should have been a single. Madonna always was outstanding with ballads. She seems to embrace them only sometimes and shuns them mostly altogether on tour. I guess that it is hard to fly around and do cartwheels while singing ballads. But Bedtime Stories seems to be a soup for the soul. Midtempo Madonna is wonderful.
  14. Listening to the entire Bedtime Stories album right now and I am falling in love all over again. Honestly, it is my most overlooked Madonna album. It's energy is completely different than the other 14 studio albums (I count Breathless) but the energy does not translate into weakness. I used to think the album chronicled a broken heart but today it feels more like a falling in love vibe to me. It is warm and sensual and flows well from beginning to end. A full listen is like having the best romantic interlude ever. So many gems in one treasure chest. What a romantic genius Madonna is.
  15. Ladies and gentlemen..... The Immaculate Collection 1. Everybody 2. Burning Up 3. Lucky Star 4. Holiday 5. Borderline 6. Like a Virgin 7. Material Girl 8. Crazy for You 9. Angel 10. Into the Groove 11. Dress You Up 12. Gambler 13. Live to Tell 14. Papa Don't Preach 15. True Blue 16. Open Your Heart 17. La Isla Bonita 18. Who's that Girl 19. Causing a Commotion 20. The Look of Love 21. Like a Prayer 22. Express Yourself 23. Cherish 24. Oh Father 25. Dear Jessie 26
  16. I have read no less than twenty rumors from yesterday that Madame X will premiere on Netflix. Any confirmation of this?
  17. Gaga was eh.... I like guest stars.
  18. Standard Videos: Express Yourself - Madonna's ultimate anthem - Mdolla's beginning Like a Prayer - Madonna's most controversial video -Esther's beginning Vogue - Pure Magic - Dita's beginning Live Videos: GIVE IT 2 Me (Sticky and Sweet) - Fire.... pure fire Sooner or Later (Academy Awards) - stunning on every level Music Inferno (Confessions Tour) - so much energy. Music makes the people come together. Admittedly, I have not seen one minute of Madame X Tour yet.
  19. Interestingly, when I dream about Madonna, she is usually backstage and I am exposed to how much effort it is to create "Madonna". I am always surprised at how human she is. The God complex is gone in my dreams and she seems so authentic and approachable. It is always very sweet.
  20. Not advocating the Brit album, just the idea of re-releasing Rebel Heart.
  21. Madonna should re-release Rebel Heart incorporating her original idea of a Rebel side and a Heart side. The material is almost ready. So many unused demos. Britney re-released 2016's Glory with quite a bit of new music. Madonna could take her record back from the hackers. If enough new material was present, it would sell. Maybe, she could even dump a lot of the Kanye work and take it back to its roots. I really wonder what we all missed out on. Rebel Heart holds a lot of potential.
  22. Your coworkers live in a very myopic world. I know classic musicians and their music well and it isn't because I grew up during those times. To not know Patsy Cline, Donna Summer, Elvis or the Beatles is unthinkable. Your coworkers are not very well rounded.
  23. Get a physical cause something is wrong with you.
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