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  1. Papa DP

    That wasn’t a “racist” caricature. That was a portrait of an Italian family reading Instagram.
  2. Papa DP

    Today.. MDNA
  3. Papa DP

    I’d say American Life
  4. Papa DP

    American Life
  5. Papa DP

    Agreed. She’s always been messy. In that old pre-Madonna era video she says: “mix it up”. It’s her religion; or her nature, her rebel heart to mix stuff up. Ambiguity has ALWAYS been part of her work and what has infuriated those that can’t handle work or thought that isn’t black & white. There’s ALWAYS two dudes to the same coin. One side isn’t necessarily better than the other.
  6. Papa DP

    No! Of course I’m not claiming she’s an asshole! I read, listened and or watch so many interviews with her I don’t remember which one she said she would rather die than become politely correct. Or that the interviewer should shoot her if she does. I believe it was on tv and also a couple times in magazine interviews. But this has always been her thing. SEX was extremely politically incorrect at the time for appropriation of queer culture and combining pictures with dogs and stories about sexual with a boy that just started growing public hairs. EVERYONE KNOWS SHES POLITICALLY INCORRECT AND SHES GOING TO PISS PEOPLE OFF OR MAKE THEM THINK, “WTF?!” I live this discussion in this video. It applies to the topic of this new FUN song: check it out.
  7. Papa DP

    Ohhh I didn’t know he retired. That sucks.
  8. Papa DP

    Ohh definitely. Madonna’s political incorrectness and rebel spirit is genius, intelectual and witty wrapped up in one powerball tour ‘d force.
  9. Papa DP

    How I wish Meisel was back in the game....
  10. Papa DP

    Soo true. She’s said more than once that she would rather die or be killed than become politically correct. This era will remind people that Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on being politically correct and controversial.
  11. Papa DP

    Italians reading Instagram:
  12. Papa DP

    I’d love for her to move back to drums on a couple songs with dancers in front of her.
  13. Papa DP

    Yes, that’s interesting! I would love if she released a You Can Dance part 2 or a box set of unreleased songs that are remastered, mixed and edited by one person such as Mike Dean or another engineer/mixer that she likes.
  14. Papa DP

    Was she appropriating canibalistic cultures to profit millions?
  15. Papa DP

    and a guitar is extremely Phallic