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    When I got the "The Immaculate Collection "CD from a friend and the first track I liked on it was "Vogue". At that time I couldn't really do anything with the rest of the CD. But with" Vogue "I slowly became a fan of her and with "Don`t Cry for me Argentina" really started my love to Madonna :-)
  5. miri1912

    Mother & Father Erotica Girlie Show Version or Erotica/You Thrill Me CTour Version?
  6. miri1912

    Skin Beautiful Stranger or American Pie?
  7. miri1912

    Funana Auto-Tune Baby or Queen?
  8. miri1912

    Crave Vogue RITour Version or Vogue MDNA Tour Version?
  9. miri1912

    Keep the Trance Celebration or Revolver?
  10. miri1912

    MDNA Tour Like A Virgin MDNA Tour Version or Like A Virgin RH Tour Version?
  11. miri1912

    I Want You American Life or American Pie?
  12. miri1912

    1. Don’t Tell Me 2. Hollywood 3. Justify My Love 4. Human Nature 5. Open Your Heart 6. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  13. miri1912

    One more Chance Has to be or Cyber-Raga
  14. miri1912

    Ghosttown Medellin or Bitch I´m Loca?
  15. miri1912

    Unapologetic Bitch Rain or I´ll Remember?