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  1. i like reading reviews because some of them are really professional and focus on the music, so i learn more about the record and the process behind it, which gives it more depth and makes me appreciate it more
  2. she did great up until the spotlight wasn’t on her anymore, that’s how it looked to me, when ian came she kept commenting everything and she did come across as rude while he was very nice and joking about himself she seemed really uncomfortable with the corset, sky high boobs, eye patch, grills and a ton of jewelry, but it was fun to look at, and funny that after so many years she still doesn’t make sure that she can breathe in her clothes lol
  3. the one on the left when listening with headphones? yeah that’s definitely a synth
  4. did anyone get their deluxe from amazon uk? if yes, how was the packaging? is it in cardboard or just that amazon thick paper that jewel cases come in?
  5. IDSIF sounds familiar but she has never quite done a song like that, it’s too slick for erotica, too dancey for bedtime stories, and too sensual and house-y for confessions there are probably at least a dozen songs recorded for madame x that are house/disco yet we will never hear them omg
  6. so the deluxe is the 32 page book with 2cds and 18 tracks right?
  7. i’m very happy with the amount of portugese and spanish, but i hope we get proper translations in the booklet well i hope we get lyrics period
  8. not really, that’s because of the vinyl, whoever recorded it didn’t cut it at the proper time
  9. just search madonna god control on twitter and look for links surrounded by spanish or portugese stan language
  10. it doesn't begin with dark ballet, that's because the ripper didn't know where that tracks ends and god control starts, since vinyls are just one huge track
  11. that 9.4 mb file of IDSIF is a vinyl rip
  12. did the whole thing leak or just the two songs? i don’t want to download a zip of xtine’s bionic for the 1000th time
  13. domy

    i feel like MX will work as a whole, but the songs on their own are far from her best, or maybe i’m just too old to appreciate this hip hop approach and mindset
  14. domy

    well this is a choice it does have a really nice atmosphere tho but i don’t see the point in quavo.. idg why she bothers with these people when they don’t even care about her
  15. domy

    where all yall hearing it