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  1. Voguerock

    Don't forget the rumored $5M for Billboards performance *sigh.
  2. Voguerock

    She's so glammed up on this workshop.😍😍😍 I mean usually she just dressed up in her tracksuit/workout attire.
  3. Voguerock

  4. LOL I love the fact that she will still perform this song and give major major shade to the haters 😂
  5. Voguerock

    Do you think the audiences will be able to record the show with their phone? I'll just sit here waiting the videos to be uploaded to YouTube cos sadly I won't go :(
  6. Voguerock

    There goes my chance to see her concert :( i live in south east asia, was hoping she would stop by at least japan or australia. But i think it's impossible now
  7. Voguerock

    Any official source? So sad 😥😥😥
  8. Voguerock

    It's such a fun song with deep lyrics! Can't stop listen to it..
  9. Voguerock

    Will Madame X dance on her tour? I hope she won't just sit and sing like in TOAC 😆
  10. Voguerock

    Hi guys, do you think M will go to Asia/Australia this time? I live in Indonesia and I really want to watch her concert. Should I buy the ticket to one of Eu concert (the one i can barely afford) or should I wait and hope she'll come to Asia?