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  1. I´m happy for this release, I thought she and her team forgot about this tour BUT, wtf with that filter???! I hope this is just for this video, like a "videoclip" treatment for promo and the dvd won´t look like this. P/D: it sounds amazing, the audio version will be great.
  2. I think that anything that Stuart Price produced or remixed, he has such a beautiful sound. In addition to that I can tell you that "Bette Davis Eyes" and "Silence" by Kylie sound like COADF.
  3. I am sooo glad that the forum is back !

  4. I've been a member for six months and ca´nt beliebe that it´s over. The download zone it´s the best, I found things here that I coud never imagine, no other forums are THAT good.

  5. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

    1. Nephilim


      Hey! I am already there, but there´s no other artist´s forum :(

    2. R0man2


      :sad: We need more activity and members

  6. She WILL touring this summer, and this is a release to support that tour. But I do believe that this is the record company trying to get some money.
  7. I love Kylie but I don´t see the point of another greatest hits album, at least withour new material. She could release a disc of hits and another disc with unreleased songs of all eras, I mean, fans are still waiting for White Diamond (Pop version), That´s why they write love songs, Ruffle my feathers (final version), the pop mixes of some Golden tracks. There´s a lot of material she could release and make us happy, but there is. a lazy greatest hits album, with just one new song, not even new photoshoot.
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