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  1. Madonna_Luv

    Gorgeous ♥
  2. Madonna_Luv

    Madonna and Lola singing "Do you know the muffin man" (1998) ♥ ♥ ♥
  3. Madonna_Luv

    It hasn't been written yet
  4. Madonna_Luv

    Britney: For The Record
  5. Madonna_Luv

    Chicago - Michael Jackson To Have And Not To Hold - Madonna Wrong Impression - Natalie Imbruglia
  6. First glance I thought it was "Bitch Im Lola" ♥ lol I was like oh ok sequel to "Bitch Im Madonna" lol
  7. Im so in love with this song ♥
  8. Madonna_Luv

    Listening to Rebellion by Britney Spears tonight ♥ #FreeBritney
  9. Madonna_Luv

  10. Madonna_Luv

    ...still waiting for my shit
  11. Madonna_Luv

  12. Madonna_Luv

    April 24th she will be doing a live interview in NYC at MTV and premiering her new video on the network as well
  13. MTV posted this on their Snapchat! It was a video so I took some screen shots ♥ **UPDATE** M is doing a live interview and premiering her new video on MTV on April 24th, which is what this giant M is all about ♥ How exciting! I will definitely be there!
  14. Madonna_Luv

    Love it! My friend does the casting for this show.. may I show her? ♥ She'll dig it lol