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  1. Madonna_Luv

    Gorgeous ♥
  2. Madonna_Luv

    It hasn't been written yet
  3. Madonna_Luv

    Britney: For The Record
  4. Madonna_Luv

    First glance I thought it was "Bitch Im Lola" ♥ lol I was like oh ok sequel to "Bitch Im Madonna" lol
  5. Madonna_Luv

    Im so in love with this song ♥
  6. Madonna_Luv

  7. Madonna_Luv

    ...still waiting for my shit
  8. Madonna_Luv

    April 24th she will be doing a live interview in NYC at MTV and premiering her new video on the network as well
  9. Madonna_Luv

    MTV posted this on their Snapchat! It was a video so I took some screen shots ♥ **UPDATE** M is doing a live interview and premiering her new video on MTV on April 24th, which is what this giant M is all about ♥ How exciting! I will definitely be there!
  10. Madonna_Luv

    Love it! My friend does the casting for this show.. may I show her? ♥ She'll dig it lol
  11. Madonna_Luv

    There was a lot of acting in the film for certain parts. Nikki and some of the dancers have said it in the past.
  12. Madonna_Luv

    All Ive been posting is proof that you can look up yourself and read court documents, videos of Michael himself speaking...etc.. Im not gonna do your homework for you. You'll believe hear-say and tabloids but not someone who has facts that can easily be proven if you DO YOUR RESEARCH lol I havent posted any of my own opinions or feeling actually, other than this all has made me a HUGE Michael fan and i think he is beautiful. Everything else is out there as facts with proof and evidence. You just need to look, as I did myself.
  13. Madonna_Luv

    I gave up on them lol I stopped reading and responding, as I stated previously. I can debunk all of your false narratives simply with the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes when you want so badly to be "right"... and its almost expected, so its cool lol Im not mad. I know the truth and with that I sleep pretty damn good at night and my life doesn't change if you stop posting rumors and tabloid stories about Michael Jackson lol Best wishes! x