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  1. Exactly. No one who sees an album in a record store is going to Google it to see if it’s been released already.
  2. I like Hard Candy as much as the next person but saying it’s better than LAP..?
  3. LVX

    Gosh, they’re all pretty stellar. My favorites are WTG & RIT.
  4. I find it hilarious. But maybe I just have a horrible sense of humor?
  5. If you say so. But it feels like this whole thing has been blown to ridiculous proportions.
  6. There are plenty of people on this forum actually saying negative things about Madonna, yet I get slaughtered for using an unflattering picture of her as an avatar? Call me crazy but it feels a little... strange.
  7. A straight up greatest hits album doesn’t make any sense at this point. But a collection of unreleased songs would be more than welcome.
  8. She didn’t get paid for it though. In fact, she lost money.
  9. LVX

    Funny that the reviewer is the most critical about Killers, which seems to be the song that fans are the most excited about.
  10. It’s a real “rags to riches” story and they wouldn’t even have to dramatize anything. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point.
  11. LVX

    I don’t have a problem with any of the vocals we’ve heard so far. I love her voice on Crave especially.
  12. Like I said before, if they are “doctored” I wasn’t aware of it. And if I’ve broken some rule here I certainly apologize.
  13. No doubt she would’ve gotten alot of flak for it but I kinda wish she’d gone through with it anyway..