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  1. That Stella woman is a total lunatic. Why is Madonna calling her “my hero”?!
  2. Defunding the police and abolishing the police are two completely different things.
  3. Exactly. I haven't heard anything about completely getting rid of the police. Is that what Fox news is scaring people with now?
  4. Some people actually believe in this stuff?
  5. LVX

    My 2nd favorite Madonna album.
  6. The interview is actually from 1991.
  7. LVX

    Definitely my favorite non-single from True Blue.
  8. I'm Breathless hands down.
  9. LVX

    Umm.. not even a little.
  10. Slightly overrated but it's still in the upper regions of her discography.
  11. Hard Candy was the first era I experienced as a fan so it's special to me in that regard. Initially I was kinda disappointed with the album but I've grown to love it over the years.
  12. That would've been AMAZING. The actual video is pretty bland.
  13. Angel. Such an amazing song.