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  1. Am I the only person who actually enjoyed MDNA? I feel like that album is the red-headed step child that everyone picks on. When I'm bumping music in my car, I love to jam out to GGW, Gang Bang and I'm Addicted.

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    2. RUADJAI


      its good... and has some great moments but... I think bad choices were made on who was to produce to give her the electro dance sound. 

      Everyone was doing electro dance at this time and her tracks just aren't as good as everyone elses. 

      Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, Nikki Minaj, Gaga, Beth Ditto, Robyn, and Roisin Murphy were all putting out far superior dance records. So it fell kinda flat. 

      Benny Bennassi???   Like, why?

      I love William Orbit, but he's not a dance music producer. 

      Solving was a good pick I think, but it wasn't as great as his song Hello. 

    3. Ayham


      Love MDNA! If you hate it then you’re definitely not a Madonna fan... ?

    4. lap


      Well, it was my least favorite Madonna album until she releases Madame X. 

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