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  1. 1 hour ago, Aiwa08 said:

    In 1998 the digital era in video was a reality. Possibly the original master of Frozen has better resolution than the official DVD/TV format (maybe 720p). So I'm sure that Frozen is just an AI upscaling using  the original master. 

    Maybe one day we'll know.... I hope they truly remaster Human Nature. That music video just looks plain awful, even with a supposed master. So blurry. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney said:

    No need to get your heart broken, they're all coming eventually. My guess is that the oldest videos will be done "properly" later on. Now they're just doing the easy ones with AI 

    Not necessarily, they did Material Girl and it looked minimally better. If anything the contrast was a little better. I was ASTONISHED by how great Frozen looked. Like night and day compared to the original so it's not just AI Upscaling.

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