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  1. PayneMusically

    The rest in peace at the end of nobody knows me gives me goosebumps. So does get stupid. And sorry.
  2. PayneMusically

    They most likely will combind duplicate videos and re-upload videos in the original resolution. The celebration video will hopefully be re-uploaded in atleast 480p. 1080p hopefully.
  3. PayneMusically

    If it was upscaled from a 480p 4:3 video to HD 16:9 it would look 360p it looks HD. On-top of that why would that be the ONLY video on her channel that is upscaled? I am pretty sure they used the same cameras they used to film the James Bond movie it is a soundtrack to, to film the music video. It would make sense. Meaning it would actually be HD.
  4. PayneMusically

    Madonna officially uploaded it on her channel and it says HD. Considering she hasn't ever upscaled any of her videos. I am sure it was recorded in HD. Just like im going to tell you a secret shows the reinvention tour in HD.
  5. PayneMusically

    The gear clearly says hd.
  6. PayneMusically

    The entire American life album.
  7. PayneMusically

    Must be the censored version then. I hate censored versions lol.
  8. PayneMusically

    Madonna's official Channel has it uploaded in HD.
  9. PayneMusically

    Technically the original person who named the millenial generation claimed it to be 1982-2004. People came in and changed up the dates once the next person named generation Z.
  10. These are Amazon links to every album she has released excluding gh2 as it doesn't add anything new. The links default to mp3 so if you want cd or vinyl select different format. Studio albums: 1. 2. 3. 4. Rebel heart EP on iTunes has all the super-deluxe tracks. As super-deluxe was a limited release. Onto the compliation albums: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now onto the soundtracks: 1. 2. 3.
  11. PayneMusically

    I think personally rebel heart was very devisive. I love the end of the world vibe. It would've been even better if it didn't leak because she wouldn't have had to rush it out.
  12. PayneMusically

    American life. Watch the uncensored music video. Need I say more?
  13. PayneMusically

    The entirety of American life and it's unreleased tracks.
  14. PayneMusically

    its on YouTube in HD. It was originally recorded at 1080p. For other releases. You can find some tour videos people uploaded in full 1080p.
  15. PayneMusically

    I atleast wish that Madonna would re-upload the celebration video in 480p. 240p is completely unacceptable. Atleast 480p is.