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  1. Ishtar

    why do you care what I call Floponcé? believe me nobody is defending Madonna on Floponcé's forums, you are just looking for excuses to get me banned.
  2. Ishtar

    I did not call anyone a moron but by all means keep on lying and hitting the report button¡
  3. that's fine. I showed the proof. I quoted Stuart Price, and actions speak louder than words, Madonna did a 180 with her next album and didn't revisit Confessions since because it was a flop. Believe what you want.
  4. Ishtar

    I did not say anything vile or demeaning about Madonna, I simply said I don't think she should have done it and that I don't think she will get a pass from the press and the public for it. I know you are dying to get me banned, but I haven't said anything wrong.
  5. lol 5 million in the US?? I literally showed you a reliable link where it says that she sold 1.5 million in the US. You have serious issues. I did not talk about Hung Up, I know that's a sample, the rest of the album is heavily plagiarized with tweaks, like Future Lovers is just an I Feel Love copy, it's so obvious. The calling me a troll technique, awww you must be really backed into a corner are you? Just throw what sticks I guess, like I said keep on hitting that report button¡ I'm done with this conversation, moving on.
  6. facts in your ass maybe but not in the real world. Keep hitting that report button just because I dare to say the truth¡¡
  7. sorry, that is not true, I already shared the proof, but again, believe what you wish.
  8. Top 10 selling albums of 2006, Madonna is not even on the list: I'm done with your lies, believe what you want.
  9. Emancipation sold way more than Confessions, Madonna came in sixth and that's counting worldwide sales, in America the album flopped. It's useless to talk to someone who can't see the truth so by all means carry on, you will not get me banned.
  10. Interesting, do you have a source for the Warner thing? I always wondered what did they really thought about the Erotica era.
  11. that is news to me, I am simply repeating what he said in an interview, he literally said Madonna and Warner did not consider Confessions a success and she changed her style in favor of a more US friendly sound with Hard Candy and it worked, 4 Minutes is her first top 5 since Don't Tell Me and was a huge seller in the US and a hit, and I would say worldwide too. We get it, rabid fans love Confessions and its plagiarized tunes from Donna Summer, Daft Punk and Giorgo Moroder, but it was a flop, deal with it.
  12. no it wasn't, and you keep talking about album sales being down but taylor swift, adele, katy perry all have huge sales numbers, so no, albums sales are not down. I'm not comparing them to Madonna because she is not a new artist anymore, but Confessions was not a hit and her album sales have been in decline, it is a fact.
  13. Ishtar

    what's vile and repulsive is the constant bullying, reporting and censorship of anyone that has an opinion even slightly different than the party line. Absolutely disgusting. That's why forum boards as a whole are dying, people are sick of it. It's called solipsism, and usually it's mentally ill people that revel and thrive in it. I'm not like that thank God.
  14. according to this link:, Confessions sold 1,734,000, it was a flop in the US, hence why she didn't work with Stuart Price again.