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  1. BlueForce

    Okay whats ur number ?
  2. BlueForce

    You sound like someone who has ADHD.....well ....
  3. Am I on a Madonna fan forum or hateMadonna forum? Jeez people , all the negativity and debby downers ... To those , get lost and find a hobby !
  4. BlueForce

    those b&w feet, damn papi....
  6. They will perform the song live at the BB awards Cant wait...
  7. What the hell are these non fans doing here !! Ur soo called logic is as immature as U are! And naming Drake and Beyonce in the same sentence as Madonna is a insult to intellect. Just go away to ur bubble kids.
  8. BlueForce

    isn't it ur bedtime already ?
  9. Well fyi its not a coincidence my Spotify was not responding anymore and had to re-install. Its not common sence to just put links in topics.
  10. By accident I clicked on the link and my spotify was not to open anymore so I had to reinstall it. Dont put links in this topic that are not to be trusted. I also changed my password damn !!!
  11. Its fake as hell and I guess the link contains a virus