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  1. He ruined it. Good he did have enough time to ruin the entire album.
  2. The Power of Good-bye This is to be my Playground Love Spent
  3. Why she doesn't say it to Rocco, Lola and her bf?
  4. Why a lot of you are so attacking Dua Lipa all the times ? She is a new young artist, she loves Madonna, she has said several times that she genuinely loves her. Why attacking her? Her cd was one of the best one of 2020 together with the new Alanis Morissette one.
  5. I don't understand why all these complaining. Some used to complain about Madonna not making a dance record anymore since ages, now there is this extra collaboration with Dua and Missy on a track originally produced by Price. Just enjoy the extra gift. I am sure it will please a lot of people and she choose the right artist this time, no Maluma, no Grande, Nicky or Quavo, chance the rapper, Cardi B, etc! And Dua is better than Gaga million times.
  6. Best remix, only available on the UK CD single.
  7. He really didn't give a fuck about her. What a gold digger.
  8. Wow, these episodes are amazing, thank you.
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