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  1. PNutButter

    This quarantine has really been a wake up call for a lot of people in how out of touch celebrities are with regular people. I think when it's over (hopefully soon) things will change.
  2. PNutButter

    The second verse has the lyrics - We cannot deny our holiness Though every day we try In this life of pain We always feel the same Alone again
  3. PNutButter

    This best not mean she has vetoed the show being released.
  4. Incredible. But these kind of things always make me sad they'll NEVER happen.
  5. PNutButter

    I'd have more respect and admiration if she just cancelled the rest of the tour. But she knows the press will give her shit.
  6. PNutButter

    What you suggested with a "detective" social media account sounds so much like what Tori Amos did with American Doll Posse. Tori made different profiles for the doll personas and actually wrote in character on them months before the album release (and after). I actually believe Madonna was inspired by Tori for this era -
  7. Vogue is the most iconic. But I think Frozen is a timeless masterpiece, so that.
  8. Ghosttown Living For Love I Don't Search I Find Masterpiece Medellín
  9. PNutButter

    Can never understand these "fans" that wait outside houses etc. They are people too and deserve their privacy.
  10. The interviews could be in the booklet, I'd rather have a CD of unreleased remixes than interviews.
  11. PNutButter

    Sometimes it seems she's too conscious of what's happening around her in the industry, instead of forging her own path like she had done her whole career, she tries to catch a trend.
  12. PNutButter

    Awww what he said at the end caught her off guard, you could see she was so touched.
  13. PNutButter

    This was meant to come out last year but was pulled. Very strange.
  14. PNutButter

    It'll be hard for her to do but for her long term health, she needs to cancel and just stop for a while. Come back better than ever next year.