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  1. LAP omg she sounds absolutely horrible here a nightmare.
  2. That's our girl. Btw she looks FLAWLESS. Damn.
  3. Illuminati

    At least it's OPEN for all our opinions.. Not like another M forum where u must lick Madonnas ass to be able to post or stay.. For them even "Bday Song" is a masterpiece and instant M classic
  4. It's sooo catchy It's better than all her songs from Madame XXX
  5. Illuminati

    Horrible single cover. This does not sound good.
  6. She looks beautiful.
  7. VOGUE is the right choice tbh. IT'S EPIC, and well known.
  8. Strange, on youtube comments are mostly positive
  9. I'm obsessed with this BOP. It's so cute and Swae first perfectly here.
  10. It's not disco.
  11. Oh I like this tbh, it's not bad really. Loving their voices together, plus instrumental is amazing too.
  12. Guys can u please DM the song? I'm dying to hear it. I need hope for this album after I rise
  13. Guys can I hear the song?
  14. Illuminati

    Gosh I'll miss this..