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  1. No one was arrested or persecuted after the ROL ASSEMBLY unreleased tracks and also after the rain tapes leaks Maybe if they hack again her server’s but not for tracks with unreleased demos that were auctioned and doing the rounds for years recorded into cassette tapes.
  2. Well there’s actually a 8/9 tracks set so it will be nice a crowdfound for if too
  3. Yes but that's an old fashioned story
  4. The more we will have "Goodtime" the more we will have to listen the rest of the set I will always have you Secret (Old) To love you Tongue Tied .....
  5. Yes we all can crowdfound it before Xmas day I’m ready to PayPal him too
  6. Let’s cross fingers for another crown found’s for the other tapes may can projected too wich I will be open to begin with my 200
  7. Will we have the Xmas “Goodtime” gift?
  8. It will be a nice xmas gesture giving us the chance of buying these
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