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  1. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    I’m so excited!!!! This is BIG guys! 150+ million viewers will be tuning in. Just imagine how much her catalog sales & Madame X pre-orders will be boosted after this. And for the pre-party poopers complaining about a performance they haven’t even watched, just because it features some MET 2018 elements, remember: VOGUE AT SUPER-BOWL 2012 VS VOGUE AT MDNA TOUR 2012 The MDNA Tour version featured the same orchestration, the same choreography & the same “futuristic supermodels” visual theme, BUT: Everything was upgraded & enhanced 100x more & the 2nd performance was an evolved, more grandiose & aesthetically powerful version of the original. Plus, both the budget & the stage are bigger this time, as well! So fix your wedgies, get over yourselves & have some chamomile tea in the meantime...
  2. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    In Mirwaidonna we trust!
  3. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Immediately hooked on the song! 🥰 I love the contrast between the cheerful, head-bopping reggae off-beat guitar VS the harsh, serious lyrical content! And maybe it’s because we’ve been getting all these different vocal effects / singing styles with each single, but I don’t mind the autotune at all! If anything, I love the roughness it adds to her vocal tone. SO FAR, EVERY TRACK GETS AN A+ FROM ME!
  4. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    The video was cute! I really loved the dove scene & her colorful outfit screams “Dress You Up” at the Virgin Tour! ❤️❤️❤️ But overall, I did expect more, especially plot-wise. I was 100% sure it would be the sequel to the Medellín video. But maybe, that’s “Killers Who Are Partying”?
  5. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Wait so, I’m confused. So all this time, the controversial, political song the ESC organizers were against being performed was “Dark Ballet” & not “Killers Who Are Partying?” If yes, then I look forward to hearing it 50x more now. Madonna must really believe in this song to choose it as 1) her Met Gala ‘18 album teaser track & 2) her 1st option for Eurovision!
  6. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Wow! I didn't think anyone would have such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the song, on first listen. It definitely took me a good 2-3 times to fully digest it and all of its different sections, lyrical themes and other minor elements that require extra attention.
  7. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Even though she always praises them for their artistic skills & drive, I feel that M doesn't really want them to take the same route as her. Probably because she knows more than anyone how dark, unpredictable and tormenting this business can be for newcomers, or anyone involved.
  8. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    what do these 2 have to do with talent though? M is no ass-kisser, if she made such a statement, I believe it has credibility.
  9. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Yeah, that was a cute idea! I do believe M's words about Lola being super talented. But she doesn't seem to be a big fan of the celebrity / Hollywood scene. She gives me strong introvert vibes, which I can relate to. Honestly I don't know a thing about these guys. But I do know that the second I read that line, the Sprite I had just sipped, climbed all the way to my nostrils and made me choke! I'm still laughing and it still stings like hell!
  10. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Guys, it's not "Ariana Grande". It's literally the vocal style of every basic mumble rapper of the new generation. It has become its own genre: Mumble rapping. And I'm thinking to myself: Am I impartial to Madonna's decision to take on mumble rapping because A) my music taste is so diverse and I'm an open-minded individual or B) is it because I am biased af & want to see her succeed so badly?
  11. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    But we are not children...
  12. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Sounds pretty fishy... I'm just grateful we didn't have another "Rebel Heart" situation this time around. That would have killed M for sure. Everything's going pretty well so far though.
  13. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Those are probably the "deep cuts" of the album, meaning they have the most substance lyrically, musically and thematically, but lack the "mass appeal" needed to create buzz for the album, which IS the purpose of promo singles after all. Coincidentally, Deep cuts tend to become my favourite songs on an album, 90% of the time. Patience!
  14. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    That is pretty concerning actually. No matter what part of the world it came from, it's still only TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY, the 7th / 8th. I believe the actual album is safe, but I'm a bit worried about the rest of the scheduled promo singles.