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  1. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    For this tour, I would like some drastic song re-inventions, clever medleys & lots of underrated deep cuts being performed. • I could easily imagine “4 Minutes” making a comeback. It’s basically a “Let’s save the world” upbeat anthem. • I would like a more stripped down, guitar driven performance of “Hung up”, like the opening at the 2006 Grammys with Gorillaz. Maybe even strings & percussion! • “American Life” HAS to be included. Maybe a mashup with Extreme Occident? • Even though “La Isla Bonita” would be a safe & obvious choice for the Latin segment, I would love to be surprised! Like can you imagine a fado / latin reincarnation of I don’t know... “Girl Gone Wild”? Or “Impressive Instant”? That would be badass... • Unrealistic dream songs I would love to hear: Spanish Eyes, You’ll See, This Used to Be My Playground, Forbidden Love (Coadf), Paradise, To Have & Not to Hold, Bad Girl, Sanctuary, & many more. P.s. Yes, of course we can all expect a raunchy, jaw-dropping & equally humorous comeback of the timeless “Candy Shop”...
  2. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Glad I’m not the only one who loves the contrasting vocal styles in the song. M’s Verses: Silky, dreamy vocals, psychedelic feel Maluma’s Verses: Raspy, aggressive, seductive vocals Chorus: Energetic, Bright vocals, “double vocal” effect Post Chorus: Elevating & buttery harmonies
  3. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    For M too, you can just tell... 🥰 She seems so cheerful & pleased with the way everything has turned out so far & evidently proud of the final product. I hope Medellín gets as much exposure as possible, because it truly deserves it & has the potential to become a huge summer hit worldwide. And I’m sure Mrs. Magic has several other aces up her watermelon booty! Calm before the storm, everyone...
  4. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    I’m so happy that the overall reaction from fans, casual listeners & critics has been so overwhelmingly positive! “Medellín” is absolutely ethereal & majestic and I’m so proud of M for taking risks & experimenting sonically once again. With regard to the other upcoming song releases (I Rise, Crave, Future, Dark Ballet), it would be really cool if they turn out to be official singles, their videos have been shot already & they all follow a cohesive “Madame X” narrative. This way, we’ll have 5 proper singles before the album release & won’t have to worry about M not being able to promote & shoot videos, due to touring preparations, album promo, etc.
  5. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Why do you always have the most perfect memes & GIFS???
  6. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Here we goooo: HD TEASER:
  7. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Good observation. Plus, I watched some of the videos she’s directed in the past and I find her style very distinctive, abstract & eclectic. I’m really excited! Madonna’s videos have always felt like natural extensions of the actual songs & never fail to make you feel more connected to the music! 💚🎵❤️
  8. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    I completely agree with everything you said, but we REALLY need to applaud them for this. I feel the same way. I can’t believe it’s a 5 minute long pop song, yet when it ends, it leaves you wanting more. I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday & I’m not tired of it at all. I guess that’s what Madonna meant by the hashtag:
  9. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    But does M even have a VEVO account anymore? They’ve been working hard updating her own page, so they should at least upload it there.
  10. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to have a separate thread for the music video, so that we can utilize the original thread to discuss the song itself (songwriting, production, reviews, charts, promo etc) & not mix them up & create even more chaos for@Fighter. As far as we know, the music video will premiere worldwide on Wednesday, 24th April on MTV. Madonna will also appear on the show for a debut performance + interview. Below are my favorite stills from the teaser.⬇️ Let the Madame games begin! ❌
  11. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Reaaaally looking forward to seeing the full outfit! She looks stunning here. And I love the eyepatch persona in all the other scenes as well, especially when she gets close to the camera. You can tell this is going to be an intimate performance, full of energy, chemistry & a cool storyline!
  12. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Come join the partyyyy nooo more hesitaaation It’s a celebration!
  13. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    As expected, South America & majority of Europe are very supportive of it. US, Asia & UK need more time.
  14. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    We’re getting there! Youtube views are pretty impressive too, I have to say. It’s a grower type of song. People need to understand that & give it time to marinate & mature. Plus, visuals will definitely enhance it 10x + will make everyone who feels 50-50 about the song fall in love.