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  1. Maddylvr

    iTunes has updated some release dates and it looks like Madonna will be releasing a couple of new tracks off “Madame X” before the album drops! 3 May 2019 – I Rise (3:44) 10 May 2019 – Crave feat. Swae Lee (3:22) 17 May 2019 – Future feat. Quavo (3:54) 7 June 2019 – Dark Ballet (4:15)
  2. Maddylvr

    I'm so happy with this track! I'm so excited for the album. I feel like it's going to be one of my faves :-)
  3. Maddylvr

    The video looks like it will be AMAZING!!
  4. Maddylvr

    You might like it more after a few more listens. It took me a bit to get into it.
  5. Maddylvr

    “Madame ❌ is a cha-cha instructor................. #nunoxico 1, 2...2morrow #Medellin ft MALUMA 9AM Los Angeles / 12PM NYC / 5PM London” -Madonna
  6. Maddylvr

    For all who didn't see the supposed back cover:
  7. Maddylvr
  8. Maddylvr

    Apples, Disney princesses and now horses, wtf?!!lol
  9. Maddylvr

    So her store is selling LAP anniversary merchandise. I like some of the shirts, but they really couldn't release an anniversary CD?:(
  10. Maddylvr

    You beat me to it lol love Serial Mom!! :-)
  11. Maddylvr

    Here's Amazon's version. I wish i could purchase the mixes and Supernatural cuz I don't stream(yes I'm old) lol
  12. Maddylvr

    Love that they added Supernatural :-)
  13. Maddylvr

    Love the blonde wig!! So this Maluma dude is really turning me on;)