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  1. Time as you know had a beginning, and time has an end, and then time begins again, as we shall each live our lives again, exactly as before. I have been gifted to see into the old cycles of time - not very clearly, mind you, but I have learned that in the future past the Brunnen G, the great victor in the war against the insect civilisation, shall be destroyed at the hand of His Shadow, but after His Shadow leaves the Cluster, they will be destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen G. This has happened before. It will happen again. Do you believe that time travels in a circle, that it is possible to see into the future by looking into the past?! I will see you again, in the next cycle of time, as i saw you in the last.
  2. I had so many lovers Who've settled for the thrill Basking in my spotlight
  3. Very interesting. I have also often dreamed of Madonna. Once I found out in a dream that Madonna is not at all the same person she appears to be on the outside. She looked totally different in ''dream life''. I was so disappointed to find this out. I have a recurring dream as a collector that I'm searching for Madonna CD's in my dreams and find 3'' CD singles that don't exist in reality. It's a very nice dream - only the disappointment when I wake up is frustrating... I've collected so many Mini CD's in my dreams. Just a dream...
  4. William Orbit - Ray Of Light & Bank Of Wildflowers Mashup :heart:

    1. Angelo


      A new remix??

  5. Thank you Madonna for remind us all the most important thing in life : NO FEAR !
  6. THIS should be the official Cut. Without epileptic madness and crazy cuts! You can see more details & so much more here! Thank you very much! I enjoy this old style so much!
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