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  1. Pachequin25

    How vergas do you think is gonna be the performance? Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  2. Pachequin25

    If she's gonna perform Dark Ballet on Eurovision I think she should release the song right after the performance, it's gonna be one of her most viewed performances of all time. A lot of people are gonna search for the song. Who else agree? Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  3. Pachequin25

    Third person here, first of all because I don't like anitta because she only uses poor people and favelas as fashion accesories, second because it's a fuckin cover of a generic song released one year ago, how original!! [emoji58] In that case she should have include her majestic, beautiful, sublime version of Hallelujah... Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  4. Pachequin25

    It's not that I hate the songs she have released, in fact I like all of them it's just that they are too commercial for my taste because I was expecting something groundbreaking, prob one of her most risky and experimental albums I was like "she's 60 and so full of inspiration, tired of current music, inspired by music of the world and working with mirwais, she's gonna surprise me!! i'm gonna fly outer space when I hear it! " those where my thoughts lol i was expecting something sonically HUGE that's why I felt disappointed, but anyway I agree with you, I hope the best is yet to come!! Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  5. Pachequin25

    I haven't post in a while and please don't hate me but i'm disappointed about Madame X I was expecting something different, unconventional, experimental because of all the rumors, mirwais and the inspiration for the record but why did she put it a generic trap production to the songs? [emoji17][emoji58] And they all are repetitive no break downs, bridges, instrumental parts, just generic urban pop songs...such a shame, I still got hope for the record but if everything has the same trappy production [emoji42][emoji42] i'm done and if the label forced her to do that I think they wanna destroy her career so bad, I still love her but i was expecting the opposite, what happened to her saying that she can't stand current music? The album is current af, I think it will be MDNA 2 Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  6. Pachequin25

    Inside Out is my favorite one [emoji41] Btw I don't think the production on the album is bad, the songs sound actually really good, in MDNA many songs do sound awful like with no depth at all Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  7. Pachequin25

    I really hope so!! If she's the artistic and risky Madonna she can blow the world away cuz everybody is gonna listen to that, if the song is good and groundbreaking something different it can make the whole world dance, what if instead of people saying: "madonna is so desperate singing reggaeton" they say "WOW"[emoji1736][emoji1380] Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  8. Pachequin25

    Well if that's true I think I better get my expectatives low :( I was hoping for an experimental album, reggaeton is beyond basic and Madonna arrives latest to a trend once again [emoji2357] is this gonna be another MDNA? Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  9. Pachequin25

    For the person that post something about his friend on the madonna new video and that he didn't like the song, please ask him how is the song, if it sounds different, experimental [emoji89] or like a tropical trap bad song [emoji848] I want to know more!! You may not like a song but you can still say that objectively it's not bad Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  10. Pachequin25

    I've always feel that Madonna could sound really good doing cumbia electronica Something like this: Or this The song with Maluma would be perfect, something latino and clubby but waaay better than reggaeton, but i know it's not gonna happen [emoji1787][emoji25]
  11. Pachequin25

    You make fun o his bad english, and I know mine it's bad sometimes too since i'm mexican and spanish is my native one but hey at least we can speak 2 languages, how many do you domain? [emoji41][emoji3577]Btw you talk about attitude and yours it's the bitchiest and most dramatic post i've seen in this forum Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  12. Pachequin25

    WHY?? What did I miss?? [emoji1785] Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  13. Pachequin25

    :( I feel bad for you, once I was on a party and I wanted play bitch i'm madonna, it was when it was popular so people knew it but i was like I hope no one complains or skip it cuz i'm gonna feel really stupid :v because there were many people not only my friends but i said fuck I want to play it so I went to the laptop and add the song next and everybody danced! [emoji7][emoji7] I danced like crazy too[emoji1736]Everybody were high or/and drunk as fuck so that might explain why they enjoyed it so much [emoji1787][emoji1787] but it made me really happy [emoji41] your story remind me of mine that's why I shared it lol Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  14. Pachequin25

    I don't hate the maluma idea I even think she can give him some credibility if they release a good song but my disappointment about Anitta would be because Madonna post the #EleNao and then collaborates with a person that supports bolsonaro and uses favelas as a fuckin fashion accesory but give her back to poor people, she's a disgusting person madonna would be fake af if she put her on the record because the people made her aware of anitta's fugly ideas on her instagram Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  15. Pachequin25

    I hope she's not on the album! That culera supports bolsonaro, if madonna collaborates with anita i'll be really disappointed of madonna :( Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk