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  1. yaggiex

    kk you know everything about me ofc.I commented your quote not your person. Good for you that you arent so limited ;/
  2. yaggiex

    Are you offended more :D ?
  3. yaggiex

    ehmmmm ok?
  4. yaggiex

    ohh god im so offended by some lyrics that aren't even heatefull or mean to make harm. 2019 nice year for freedom of speech. mby noone can harm you unless you want them too.. ohh is sound familiar... god save us all form madness.
  5. yaggiex

    wow he is really trying ... :D
  6. yaggiex

    is this third single ? or sth else ?
  7. yaggiex

    So you are also insider? How do you all have so many cool connections ?
  8. yaggiex

    it would be cool! and what about that running from something parts in medellin? mby its part of story , cuz i dont know sense of this! mby rly its visual album <3
  9. yaggiex

    is it good?
  10. yaggiex

    is this new photo? and is it from mv?
  11. yaggiex

    Yes i cant wait! <3 I love that have songs that i already love like Medellin or Crave and they are so catchy and dancable also vibe is amaxzing. So now i can get some experimenal wierd stuff and some crazy bangers <3 canttt wait
  12. yaggiex

    im london 11 and mine is not ready ;/
  13. yaggiex

    So she will have duets on tour ? ;/
  14. yaggiex

    Also is your ticket "not ready to print yet?"