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  1. yaggiex

    yes and what about that drag queens music video ?
  2. yaggiex

    When you should get your confirmation to buy ticket in london if you are normal register?
  3. yaggiex

    And its about Lisbon?
  4. yaggiex

    So can i buy ticket online when im classic member :( ?
  5. yaggiex

    Do you know how i can change language on this portugese site when you can buy tickets for Lisbon?
  6. So they improved and mastered her voice and uploaded it on yt after.
  7. yaggiex

    Ok i thought so thx <3 And if i have pure Euro on card it can be payed normally yes? ;)
  8. yaggiex

    Hey guys!!!!!!!! i HAVE A QUESTION. Do you know if i have to pay by Euro or if my national currency will by converted while paying for tickets?
  9. Do i see lovely grillz? Is she going to sing with them?
  10. yaggiex

    Do you know if you have to only use french site of ticketmaster cuz i cant see any tix on .com site.
  11. yaggiex

    Are this real prices?