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  1. Marco Fettolini

    What was the surprise?
  2. Marco Fettolini

    Italy, czech rep , denmark
  3. Marco Fettolini

    Now people votes shell probably perform while people votes. Then approx 40 minutes of live satellite broadcast with each one of the 26 countries to gather votes.
  4. Marco Fettolini

    Italians do it better LOL
  5. Marco Fettolini

    please don't leak! despite liking or disliking the songs, aren't we all enjoying this weekly releases? and the discussions around it? The building up, the wondering about what it will be, the wait and the avid reading of all comments? This is more like making love and less like grindr dating. Does it make sense?
  6. Marco Fettolini

    Yet growing on me faster that first 2 tracks
  7. Marco Fettolini

    Crave is very similar to Shakira&Maluma’s Trap
  8. Seen some videos from the public and it looks like holograms are only visible in the broadcast... really not sure if we can call “hologram” a 3d computer generated image ocerlayed in a video signal. 5M for that? Doesnt look like edgy Technology frankly. That said, fun to Watch, not a huge fan of this song in particular but the chemistry between them is patent, they were having fun and it Was contagious
  9. Marco Fettolini

    Imagine a 200% realistic hologram of her starting a show up a very hiigh stair, and suddenly falling in front of a screaming public of millions around the world only to reveal it’s a fake...
  10. LOL yep of course perro has different meanings depending on which country. Colombian should mean what some comments already mentioned
  11. Fyi. In italy, radio dj played it 3 times since 5am this morning, according to their app which reports playlist ñ. Lady time 10 minutes ago. Note they dont do heavy rotations in facts i’ve seen NO other song repeating not even once in the list
  12. In italian not really used as transitive verb ti faccio innamorare would be the less elegant but not weird sounding way to say the same
  13. Te enamoro = i make you fall in love (with me) me enamoras = you make me fall in love with you me enamoro (de) = i fall in love (with) te enamoras (de) = you fall in love (with) Este perro te enamora = this dog makes you fall in love