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  1. I don’t think she’ll do the Olympics, but I highly doubt she will never perform on tv again, and she was just broadcast on TV singing and performing live for a million plus in Rio. It’s ok to admit that other singers besides Gaga also have their merits. After all, even Gaga performed on TV again after her embarrassing Bowie tribute that was panned by both media and his son.
  2. Yes, I forgot about Love Will Never Do Without You video. That was directed by Meisel, so there's still a loose Madonna connection. I don't think she ever specifically thought "I'm going to copy Madonna," I just see a subtle influence there.
  3. Love Janet but I don’t think we would have gotten her 1993 sexual revolution phase had Madonna 1990-92 not happened.
  4. It seems like she’s not that much into pop these days, so I don’t know. I think she’s proud of herself for being a hard worker, standing up for her beliefs, and becoming an icon from humble beginnings, but she knows her job is to straddle the line of the pop world and more experimental music, and she won’t put her toe fully over the line, which makes me think she doesn’t particularly love her own music outside of the short term recording and release span of a new album.
  5. Is that phone booth scene in Borderline outside Catch One in LA? If so I’ve been there.
  6. Isn’t she bi? She was part of the 90s ballroom scene.
  7. It was an early interview where she said her parents wouldn’t let her have gum when she was a kid so she used to get it off the sidewalk. If I find it I’ll edit and post. found it:
  8. I don’t get this idea that she doesn’t like to be painted in a negative way. She willingly admitted in a televised interview to chewing gum off the sidewalk. Can you name any other singer who would cop to something on that level? Or take Truth or Dare with all her diva behavior vs the super sanitized and pr’d docos that come out now. I think she’s more afraid of misrepresentation, which she’s been a victim of throughout her entire career.
  9. She likes irony, she should call it Lucky Star.
  10. Gaza isn’t a nation. Madonna is anti-war and pro-peace. There you go.
  11. She also had amazing Rebel Heart hair in San Diego.
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