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  1. When it's said as a response to every photo it stops feeling like a compliment.
  2. Can we stop with these obnoxious posts being like “ I love these photos she looks fantastic” every time a photo is posted? It was mildly funny for a couple days and now… it’s basically trolling at this point and further it’s annoying to have to scroll through the bs to actually see anything worth reading.
  3. I heard this last night and didn’t even realize thta was Madonnas voice. Guess I ha d my ears perked for singing.
  4. I think it’s the song that starts around 1:12:30. No M vocals.
  5. I think she started posting less once she refreshed her Instagram with the tour news.
  6. It would be smarter to do a two hour show wihtout any medleys that includes a bunch of hits and maybe 2-3 new songs, and then she'd be able to do another tour down the line with the other hits missing from this one. She could do the biggest hits on both (La Isla, LAP, Vogue, MG).
  7. Ok I guess you can wait to be asked your opinion then. That's not my thing.
  8. There's people love to be offended on behalf of others. It gives them cultural power.
  9. This isn’t Madonna’s quote, it’s a pulled quote, and she never said she was posting it in reference to herself.
  10. Madonna's played the victim less than almost any other female singer, and despite being attacked a tenfold more than any other female celebrity. For her entire career (except for a respite during Ray of Light - Music).
  11. Whatever the thing about the camera, I haven’t seen a photo of anyone else at the Grammys as close up as Madonnas photo, so I do think there was an intention to sell a photo of her looking bad.
  12. I don't know about everyone else, but Madonna's had looks I personally both loved and disliked throughout her entire career. She's regularly been polarizing with her look. She's doing the same thing now, she's just older.
  13. As interesting as the people who treat her like a doll who owes it to them to look how they want…
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