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  1. I love these. I too think NFTs are dumb, but I like Beeple, and I like the overall project. Especially the poem in the first video.
  2. This looks cooler than that half-assed NFT she dropped with Oseary. Beeple is legitimately a great artist.
  3. Feel free to name any joke where replacing one of the key words with the N word wouldn't suddenly render it offensive. It was a silly false equivalency argument.
  4. I’d say making a false equivalency in the first place is itching for an argument. Different perspectives.
  5. “I’m gonna run from that bear.” Replace bear w n***** and tell me that sentence is harmless.
  6. How do you know Paper Faces is cisgendered? Did he tell you?
  7. It's weird how people expect famous people to immediately cut all ties with their friends the second they say or do something that's controversial. I wouldn't want a friend willing to do that personally.
  8. uh... why'd you just chastise me for saying the same thing?
  9. Nope I wouldn't care, any more than I cared when Eddie Murphy made gay jokes in Raw. I hold the power in my own self-perception, not some comedian. And Eddie Murphy is an icon. And if I did care, I would make the choice not to listen, as I have with many comedians who I find not to be to my taste.
  10. Nobody deserves to be assaulted onstage while trying to entertain people. If someone doesn't like what Dave Chapelle has to say, they have the option not to listen to it.
  11. The full remixes are like 10 mins long. So you're proposing roughly 500 mins of music. Over 8 hours...
  12. I hope we get original analog records as opposed to digitized from analog. Sound difference is noticeable.
  13. I was saying the opinions that understand more whats going on are nuanced - not the ones criticizing her and being cruel with nothing constructive to say.
  14. I agree but people with a more nuanced sane opinion are needed around here. It's important to note that most of Madonna's issues stem from her injuries... which come from her working so incredibly hard to give us a good show into her 50s. Sad to see the responses she gets in return.
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