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  1. Agreed. I don’t listen to a ton of other pop artists though. Madonna has just enough indie sensibility that she was able to fit into my tastes, but not too many other pop singers have that.
  2. I'm amazed she's staying the low 60s. That's pretty impressive. Wasn't she out of the top 200 not long ago?
  3. The second Madonna makes another dancefloor album they'll all come back.
  4. True - I'm thinking more about the years when she wore Kaballah on her sleeve which was before this social-media narcissism era that humanity has been swept into.
  5. It had its pros and cons with her. It definitely helped to soften her as a person. She is so much more vulnerable than she used to be and so much more tolerant of situations beyond her control. I think both motherhood and Kabbalah led to that. I think she gave them free publicity at the beginning because it also gave her publicity. It helped fuel her Eastern spiritual image for Ray of Light, but got cloying by the time we reached American Life, where she wove Kabbalah concepts into many of her lyrics. The problem I had with this is a lot of things that were revelations for her were just common sense for most people (i.e. "I learned it's about how you treat people", light = good, darkness = bad, calling herself stupid in a song to people who idolize her was never going to be popular). We also have to remember Madonna's upbringing , which caused her to have a lot of the personality deficiencies that caused these simple concepts to be revelations to her. She only had one parent, and then a new step-parent as a teenager. That one parent worked and was spread out between 5 and then 8 children, so I'm sure being loud, brash, and rebellious were things that very naturally came to Madonna, whereas those are not common characteristics among the general populace. But hey, she always said she would be a nun or a teacher if she didn't become a pop star, and her Kaballah phase kind of allowed her to live both of those out.
  6. I don’t think it needs to be a huge hit, it just needs to be successful on streaming to keep her profile raised.
  7. There is no way it will be called Indian Summer and if it is it will flop and she’ll be vilified again.
  8. "Instead of thinking “it’s not fair. Why don’t I have what they have?” shift to the proactive response of “What can I start doing now to manifest my desire?”" (i.e. happiness lies in your own hand) https://www.kabbalah.com/en/articles/the-quest-for-happiness/
  9. No it was before that. That is when she went public about it. It was before Bedtime Stories. I'll never find it now, but she said it in a print interview. She didn't join at the time. However, she was introduced to it around 3 years before she officially joined.
  10. I'm pretty sure the song was about Kabbalah actually. She said she was introduced to it by a friend in the early 90s. The friend shared the "secret" with her, and that's where she learned that "happiness lies in your own hand."
  11. None of the songs you’re naming include a C minor chord, unless they’ve been transposed into a different key. Hollywood and Die Another Day are in C minor, and Burning Up includes a C minor chord.
  12. She also had only a couple weeks of rehearsal left at the time of her incident. She still has over a month before opening night.
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