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  1. For the third time now (reading comp). I don't think she should have to talk about it. I said that quite directly. Twice! My point was that because Cher and Dolly have talked about it, the public and media doesn't hound them the way they do Madonna. I don't know how much more clearly I can say this.
  2. Cher’s talked about her surgeries on multiple occasions. She’s also publicly stated that growing old “sucks,” something else Madonna refuses to do. My point was that Madonna shouldn’t and doesn’t have to talk about it. I’m pointing out that’s why the public is more accepting of Cher and Dolly despite doing the same exact thing. One that baffles me is Janet, who has the giant cheeks Madonna had but always gets praised for looking amazing. “If there’s one thing that Cher doesn’t shy away from, it’s admitting that she isn’t a fan of the aging process. “Any woman who is honest will say it’s not as much fun,” she quipped.” “I’ve had my breasts done. But my breast operations were a nightmare,” she said. “They were really botched in every way. If anything, they were worse after than before.” She has been open about having a facelift, joking: "Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn't?". On getting cosmetic procedures to look good, the singer has said that “it makes me happy.” In an interview, she even said, “if I needed to have something done, I would be the first one in the line to the doctor.”
  3. I agree she needs to improve her image with some kind of PR boost. Hopefully she’s also able to do it with the work. Serving up quality work always does wonders for Madonna. Perhaps these new releases will re-ignite some interest. However, to regain some old fans, she’ll need some quality unreleased material on them. And her next album needs to be not just good, but amazing. ROL, LAP, COADF level.
  4. They also don’t give people like Cher or Dolly a hard time about surgeries and fillers. I think part of that is because both Cher and Dolly submitted to the public, and they frequently joke about their own surgeries and appearances and being / growing old. Madonna refuses to talk about hers, and so they just keep bullying her trying to force her to. Even her own fans act like she doesn’t know she doesn’t really look like the filtered photos. I think Madonna is well aware of all of it, but simply doesn’t feel she needs to submit on that level. It’s part of misogyny, as men frequently are not asked to own up to cosmetic procedures the same way women are. Nobody asks Tom Cruise what he’s had done or acts like he owes it to the public to tell them all about it.
  5. Maybe she can do a couple of small performances that are televised first, but she better bring her A-game if she’s gonna do that. If she comes with a Eurovision part 2, she can kiss tour sales goodbye. I will say that while we criticize a lot of her performances over the past couple years, it was very smart of her to keep performing while she was healing so she didn’t stagnate. They weren’t great performances, but I think leaving the stage for several years would make it much more difficult to get back into it.
  6. Anyone know if these new SEX reissues she’s promoting are going to only be sold in person at Art Basel or will they be avail to order online?
  7. I think we have different definitions of the word obsession… I know he’s a Gaga stan because all his comments about Gaga are unrestrained praise, and all his comments about Madonna are not only negative but hateful. Not hard to put two and two together. Haven’t claimed anyone I don’t agree with to be a Gaga stan besides Vasilly. Sorry (not sorry) if that’s not convenient for you.It’s just what he is. Every post of his is foaming at the mouth to denigrate Madonna in some way. A better question is why do you care that I pointed it out?
  8. I remember feeling like Madonna had lost me when she released Bedtime Stories. Now I love it. I was also extremely disappointed with Hard Candy and Madame X, and to a lesser extent, MDNA. I doubt I will ever come around on those. However, now that she’s trying to mount a big tour I think (hope) she will be bringing her A-game to this next album as well as these remasters. Considering Warner now has a stake in her success I think she will have to. Now of course i don’t know the truth, but from what I’ve observed, my guess is several things happened all in a row. I think Madonna pushed herself too hard on the MDNA tour and really injured herself in ways she has never really fully recovered from. Then it seems like she went through menopause between MDNA tour and Rebel Heart, and then there was the Rocco stuff with him moving out to be with his dad. Perhaps all this is what made her seem so off kilter and not herself personality wise. I don’t know if the butt is related to her injuries or she just inflated it for cosmetics. Maybe all this sad stuff made her realize all the discipline isn’t so important and to just have more fun on her own terms.
  9. He’s a Gaga stan who spends time coming here to put down Madonna whilst pretending he’s a fan. It’s ironic fillers would be his target… Ps nobody cares about mentioning fillers, there’s a way to do it tactfully without being degrading, and maybe having something worth bringing to the table besides repeating the same comments of the past 10 years, but he already knew that.
  10. No. I think that’s a mechanism people use to protect their desire to bully. However feel free to quote anywhere I’ve talked about anyones appearance negatively since I supposedly come across the same. I think you’ll come up short.
  11. I don’t know who you are nor was my post directed at one specific person. I said there were 10 or so bad apples here. So don’t worry - it’s not all about you. I never stated what anyone is “allowed” to do. I fully support anyones right to be bitter. Even yours. I can see it’s something many here value. People have the right to be shitty. That doesn’t mean everyone here has to accept it in silence until you all grow up or decide you’re bored of it and make some other female celebrity your target. Me not wanting to see it constantly is not infringing on that right. I’ve “just ignored it” for years. Her surgeries have been criticized on this forum since 2008. It’s 2022 and she’s 64 and now I’m done. Do you realize a lot of the people who just ignored it have left? This catty group has literally driven people away from here by the boatload. That’s why there’s a disproportionate amount of people making nasty comments about Madonna left on here. And they’re tireless with it making the same comments back and forth to one another’s delight. Grown “men.” And they bully and attack anyone who calls them out for it. Fortunately, I’m not intimidated as I don’t much care what anyone here has to say about me .
  12. The huge discussion is the 10 or so bad apple members who talk about her face and ass each and every time she posts a photo. You want to talk about a huge discussion - you've been having the same one for 10 years!! And then you attack others if they’re sick of hearing it as though we’re the ones creating the problem instead of merely responding to your repeated (understatement) instances of insipid crassness. Also what’s the joke? Constantly talking about her looking bad while you hide behind your computer monitor? Only the most lame pastiche of a tired queen thinks that’s funny.
  13. You realize every celebrity does this as well as all Instagram influencers and many members of the general public. It’s a promotional photo if it’s on Instagram and much like a magazine photo it’s going to be edited. I can’t believe this has been talked about for 10+ years the way it has EVERY time she posts a photo. Move on. We all know she looks less perfect in real life. Just like we all knew that her magazine photo shoots were edited. You’re not waking anyone up like you seem to think you are. We all know they’re not real as does Madonna. If she wanted to trick people she wouldn’t show up in public and be more reclusive so people thought the photos were really her. We all have seen on multiple tv shows and public appearances what she looks like.
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