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  1. Gary Key Holder

    Ok I'll wait for the Album
  2. Gary Key Holder

    Medellin didn't flop it actual has done well to date, check wiki you'll see lots of top 10 positions and top 20 just not in the UK or US but ah well, download wise it's 26 in the UK.
  3. Gary Key Holder

    Who cares I'm fedup with chart positions anyway, Medellin has done pretty while workdwide to date lots of top 10 positions and tops 20, she needs to promote crave with a live performances for exposure but still I love it and the video, anyway we know the Album will probably be number 1 all over the world.
  4. Gary Key Holder

    Second part
  5. Gary Key Holder

    Medellin highest chart positions to date 21st May 2019, It's doing quite well lots of top tens top 20 positions.
  6. Gary Key Holder

    Clip in this of the Maluma song feat Madonna on his new Album released Friday, sounds very promising.
  7. Gary Key Holder

    To all the people complaining about crave that's fine dont like it, personally I love it, that and medellin are my favourites so far, she doesn't have to always release dance songs but I'm sure there will be some on the Album.
  8. Gary Key Holder

    Take it from me it has layers and beautifully made and only heard a low quailty version, so I couldn't tap into all the sounds clearly but I felt original and unusual sounds that blended perfectly.
  9. Gary Key Holder

    😂 True, I've only heard a more low quality version but I think it sounds so beautiful and original, can't wait to hear the full quailty release on Friday.
  10. Gary Key Holder

    The one I heard was muffled sounding could tell it wasn't clear as an official audio.
  11. Gary Key Holder

    I'll wait for better sound quality from the official audio but what I heard was interesting I feel like it's going to hit me there's something about a song I know will be quailty once heard more.
  12. Gary Key Holder

    Agree hard to decide both very good.
  13. Gary Key Holder

    Ok sorrrry.
  14. Gary Key Holder

    To be honest I don't care, I've bought every Madonna Album and single she's released.
  15. Gary Key Holder

    I didn't do it myself found online as I wanted to hear the song. Cry me a river.