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  1. I think that will happen for her. People can be trash their whole life (not her, obviously - we have a specific rapper who died last year, but I'm not gonna name him) but the moment they die, they suddenly become some sort of "saint". Sadly, and quoting Joni Mitchell "you don't know what you've til' it's gone". OT: She's a successful woman and that still gets on people's nerves.
  2. I actually edited MDNA when it came out: 01 Girl Gone Wild 02 Gang Bang 03 I Don't Give A 04 Express Yourself 05 Give Me All Your Luvin' 06 Turn Up The Radio 07 Open Your Heart 08 Justify My Love 09 Candy Shop 10 Human Nature 11 Like A Virgin 12 Love Spent 13 Celebration DWT: 01 Drowned World/Substitute For Love 02 Impressive Instant 03 Beautiful Stranger 04 Ray Of Light 05 Frozen 06 I Deserve It 07 Don't Tell Me 08 Human Nature 09 The Funny Song 10 Secret 11 La Isla Bonita 12 Holiday 13 Music Don't have a tracklist for RHT because the sounds quality kills it for me :/ I do enjoy edited versions of concerts simply because there are songs that lose their magic without the visual aspect.
  3. Well, up until 2007 I was unaware that an unmixed version existed (shame on me, I know but I didn't have internet at home until that year). I suppose, If i'm going to listen to the full album, I prefer the mixed version. If I want to have one of the tracks on my phone, then I'll go for the unmixed version.
  4. Would prefer an album of original songs, but I'll take anything at this point. The first single sounds great. Just hope the Spice tour doesn't kill the album
  5. For me, it's a combination of various factors: some video director's don't have as much technique as the ones who shot the videos you showed; M's music has changed and maybe it wouldn't match the same style used on earlier videos; that's just the way videos are shot nowadays - if you look at other singers' videos, they don't have that theatrical quality you mentioned, as well; and finally, videos don't have the same importance as they had 20 years ago.
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