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  1. No, you didn't misunderstand me. I made a mistake. I was thinking of Over and Over for some odd reason. I suppose I've finally hit that age ?
  2. Unmixed vinyl is about the only way I listen to this one.
  3. Yes, Physical Attraction is pretty different from the album version. It's mixed with Everybody at the beginning. Plus on the various promos there is a single remix edit, dub version, and the stand alone extended version.
  4. My favorite has been Open Your Heart for years. When I first saw a 10:35 minute mix I was in shock. All of her previous mixes were shorter back then. Still the only remix by any artist that I listen to that is that long and I finish it. I also still use that mix as the first song whenever I get new stereo equipment; which happens often.
  5. Thinking back to You Can Dance I think I would have picked other songs plus made it a double vinyl release. Here's something I believe would have also worked for the time: 1. Spotlight 2. I Know It 3. Stay 4. Borderline 5. Physical Attraction 6. Over and Over 7. White Heat 8. Into the Groove 9. Where's the Party What would you pick only using anything to the True Blue release?
  6. I think all 3 choices are special in their own way. I'd love to see the London (Wembly I believe) where the show started before it got dark out. I caught pieces of it on YouTube and it's an interesting difference.
  7. Mine would be Fever (UK). I just find it so unique, but they all are actually.
  8. All about the Madonna vinyl

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