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  1. hydrangea

    SLAYING Snow White's wig
  2. hydrangea

    Sounds like an outtake from MDNA, but it's a nice song.
  3. hydrangea

    M15 has entered pre-production.
  4. hydrangea

    Well, the holograms don't convince me at all, and she wasn't very synchronized with some parts in playback, but she looked so beautiful and so happy that I'm going to ignore those two things. What I liked most about the performance is how comfortable she was with Maluma, their chemistry is really amazing. Can't wait for "Soltera"! The "Latin Music Awards" will be held on November so they betta perform together again!
  5. hydrangea

    Mariah's drunkenness will steal the show and you all know it.
  6. hydrangea

    To a greater or lesser extent, she cares. I mean, what's the point of all those duets with trending artists if isn't to get high positions on charts? She even sang "Ghosttown" with Taylor! It's obvious that she wants to catch general public's (teenagers primarly) attention and stay relevant on charts in some way.
  7. hydrangea

    She's wearing a lace garter! So Maluma'll pull it from her leg. And then they'll give us another iconic kiss. And then we'll see how he goes into a down spiral.
  8. hydrangea

    And it goes without saying that Beyoncé and Kanye West accepted to do their cameo just because that Tidal thing... The video could have been better without that messy attempt to imitate Taylor's "Bad Blood"...
  9. hydrangea

    Girl Gone Wild Ghosttown Give Me All Your Luvin' Medellin Turn Up The Radio Living For Love Bitch I'm Madonna
  10. hydrangea

    It could be a reference to her two failed marriages. The running scene and the "fight" with the horse happen during the wedding. The horse could represent Sean and Guy, and the power and superiority they exercised over her. She marries Maluma, but inside she is scared, that's why she seems terrified when she is running.
  11. hydrangea

    Nah, it's just to save eye makeup.
  12. hydrangea

    Two living legends releasing new album the same day. I ain't ready, I ain't!
  13. hydrangea

    The awesome beginning of the video seems like the introduction of a storyline