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  1. Sounds more like…”all american dates are postponed, not the full tour”
  2. Well yes, but trust me, if you are intubate, you are in that situation of hospital where you cannot leave from the hospital in 4 days. Madonna had for sure a special treatment, because she can pay a lot of money. She was for sure in a private room with icu , but just for a full control of the situation. Intubated is just the more “clickbait” word for a gossip news.
  3. Madonna was in intensive care for 5 days also for the birth of Rocco, where both really risked their lives due to the detachment of the placenta during the flight. So i don’t think she was intubated, because if you are intubate, you cannot return at home after only 4 days in Hospital, this for sure.
  4. Well yes, i supposed about Guy Oseary’s message about “first dates”, but probably Europe will be the debut for the tour and february 2024 the new America and Canada dates.
  5. Probably they will reschedule the first 16 dates and make the debut with NY dates for America. For the cancelled dates they could reschedule after Mexico in February 2024
  6. Probably she will start from New York in the second part of August
  7. Maybe this is just a collaboration for the tour. I mean, a new touch to the songs just for the studio versions?
  8. Right, this is Cicciolina, Cicciolona was a (fat) Cicciolina impersonator 😂
  9. This was a version made by an Italian fan, called Cicciolona 😄
  10. probably she has a problem with tooth spacing due to advancing age and she uses grillz aesthetically to hide an orthodontic appliance that still keeps her dental arch under control
  11. She's in this home just from less than 1 year, so i don't think she's selling up the home. Is very beautiful and in a quite street
  12. yes, she spent one year to restructure the home. The source is : every person who lives in Lisbon knows it, lol . She practically disemboweled and renovated an entire building with security systems near Santa Caterina.
  13. She bought a HUGE new home in Lisbon, so she will remain in Lisbon for now.
  14. Wrong. The Dancer said that Madonna has a problem and "who knows" about next dates. Is different. If you are a dancer with a job contract like this with Madonna, you can't talk about infos like these.
  15. There was a rumour some months ago about a promo tour around the most famous city in small venues... I remember that
  16. For me...are 100% Fake. Paris on Sunday? From Berlin to Rome (at Palalottomatica?) . Therr are some news about 2 dates in Rome same days at Stadio Olimpico, but in October? Open Air? Same for Bern, at Stadium? Open Air? Bah
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