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  1. I understand the passion for vinyl even if I'm not interested in this format. At least it's classic physical music collecting and not damn Spotify. Streaming is cold, impersonal and has no soul! But it looks like nothing is happening at Warner. With the exception of endless vinyl editions (in every color imaginable) and a few digital releases of old singles. If that's all, she could have continued with Interscope...
  2. If we ever get deluxe editions of her albums then I hope it´s not just vinyl. I always hated the format, the big sleeves are beautiful but I´m not a fan of the sound quality. But that´s just me! I love CDs and will continue to buy them. "Diamonds and Pearls" by Prince is also coming out soon, not exactly cheap, but comprehensive. I guess, just like Prince, Warner will ignore some of her lesser known albums like her underrated masterpiece BEDTIME STORIES or I´M BREATHLESS. The 3 Prince albums that have been released in deluxe versions so far were his 3 most successful (1999, PURPLE RAIN, SIGN O´THE TIMES).
  3. 1. Frozen 2. This Used To Be My Playground 3. Something To Remember 4. Live To Tell 5. Secret
  4. I can´t stand MDNA!!! It´s silly, stupid, naive and made for a very young Lady Gaga audience. "Give Me All Your Luvin'" is definitely her worst single and some of the other songs are just embarrassing. The worst in my opinion are "Superstar", "B-Day Song" and "Gang Bang". Terrible, terrible tracks! I mean considering that this garbage came from the same artist that gave us milestones like "Frozen", "Live To Tell", "This Used To Be My Playground", "Like A Prayer" and "Vouge" As bad as the album is, there are also some highlights. I like "Beautiful Killer" a lot and "Masterpiece", also "Falling Free" and "Love Spent". And of course I can´t stand these TikTok versions/remixes of my beloved "Frozen" and "Material Girl". I'm still in shock that she gave her okay for this. What´s next? The Teletubbies re-recording "Live To Tell" for the TikTok audience?
  5. - Frozen (Chris Cunningham) Favorite single and video! What a masterpiece!!! - Justify My Love (Jean-Baptiste Mondino) NEVER forget : Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another!!! - Bad Girl (David Fincher) - Vouge (David Fincher) - Secret (Melodie McDaniel) - Like A Prayer (Mary Lambert) - Open Your Heart (Jean-Baptiste Mondino) - Rain (Mark Romanek) - Borderline (Mary Lambert) - Nothing Really Matters (Johan Renck) Favorites that didn't make it into my top 10 : - Like A Virgin (Mary Lambert) - Live To Tell (James Foley) Simply made but she is so beautiful in this video! - La Isla Bonita (Mary Lambert) - Oh Father (David Fincher) - This Used To Be My Playground (Alek Keshishian) Basically a "remake" of Boy George´s 1988 "To Be Reborn" video but still a very beautiful clip. One of my Top5 favorite songs of all time! - Human Nature (Jean-Baptiste Mondino) - You´ll See (Michael Haussman) - Ghosttown (Jonas Åkerlund)
  6. First digital only, now finally a physical release and just vinyl. I love CD´s, how about a beautiful 2-disc digipak for CD collectors like me? I was never a fan of vinyl to be honest. I like the covers but hate the crackling sound...
  7. Jesus, what a terrible "remix"! Piss awful! Is it really necessary to rape such a classic for the tiktok generation?
  8. Voted. I'm afraid MDNA didn't make it into my Top 10....Ooh Ooh Ooh la la, Ooh Ooh Ooh la la
  9. Exactly...record collectors and more demanding people are not in interested in Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Drake or Dua Lipa (what is so great about her???) These are artists who only attract the younger streaming generation who don't even know what a record player is anymore. The latest Rolling Stones single "Living in a ghosttown" peaked at number 23 in Germany...streaming only. A few weeks later the record company deceided to release the track as a CD single and on vinyl....and what happed? The track went to No. 1 (!) because of the physical sales and Germany is the largest and most important music market alongside Japan and the USA! Culture Club even released their last album "Life" as a cassette, individual, not in a box set like the Madame X cassette version. Physical media will always be there! It doesn't matter whether it's books, music or movies (You never guess who just bought the beautiful new UK blu-ray box of the original 1978 Dawn of the dead...fuck streaming!!!). There will always be enough people who would like to have something in hand for their money. The mass audience can stream and be happy that the remixes for Justify My Love and Rescue Me have just come out. Hooray!!!
  10. Like it or not, Madonna mainly attracts older people, i.e. 40+. And we only want physical media from her, no downloads or fucking stupid streaming. And as the last two albums showed, most of the sales were CD and / or vinyl. I own all of her work on vinyl and CD and the rest, which the record company "kindly" doesn't release, on bootlegs. I hope for a great Blu-Ray from the Madame X Tour and can happily do without streaming in the future. It's too cold and impersonal for me ...
  11. MDNA damaged her career. I do like some of the songs (Beautiful Killer, Falling Free or Masterpiece) but the album was way too cheesy and childish. Gang Bang, B-Day Song or Superstar are absolutely awful. Gaga was very big at the time, she is not that big anymore, thank God, but I think that was the reason for this naive and cheesy album. Let's make it as simple and stupid as possible for a very young (Gaga) audience....but it didn´t work out. Unfortunately the two following albums, both fantastic in my opinion, could not repair the damage done.
  12. William Orbit (not including MDNA!!!), Pat Leonard, Shep Pettibone and Dallas Austin.
  13. 1) Ray Of Light 2) Like A Prayer 3) Bedtime Stories (Highly underrated!) 4) Erotica 5) I´m Breathless 1989 - 1998 are my favorite years ... her work was outstanding including the videos for each single!
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