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  1. LindebergBoy

    "I Don't Search, I Find" Looking for, looking for, looking for mercy... Up, up justice. Up, up justice... Down, down devil. Down, down devil... I'm looking for love
  2. LindebergBoy

    She's saving the best for last. Some dark dramatic tracks with Mirwais.
  3. LindebergBoy

    Crave video drops tomorrow.
  4. LindebergBoy

    You're just too much. I don't want any recognition, I have told you this since 2015, if you've been here so long, I just want you to stop. Please do. You owe me an apologize for sure, man. And don't turn this into a battle between me and this member at ATRL I don't know anything about more than he/she has a friend working on a record label or a streaming company giving info regarding the songs. He himself has surely never heard the full album as he implies. I haven't heard all the tracks either. You stir things up in here with those accusations. Rest your case. So for an example: "I took a pill and had a dream. I went back to my 17 year" isn't lyrics from Meddelin? Or "There's nothing you could do to me. That hasn't been done… I Rise, I Rise Up above it, up above it. I managed to survive" lyrics from "I Rise"? And I noted in a post that those leaked lyrics for "Crave" was legit. Something you wouldn't have done if you haven't got a clue. "Not everyone is coming in to the future" is not lyrics from "Future"? I posted this for TonyMontana and adamsapple in this forum. Adamsapple can surely confirm this for you. He, the kind soul, at least had the heart to apologize to me and wrote me a PM too. It's the refrain and the main hook of the song for God's sake and I really think I say something more than: "it's a different sound" or "it's boring"; "more interesting", "you should listen to this", that Mr.S reports. So Mr.S has posted a lot of lyrics for you? I can't find any and you still believe him with everything and still don't ask him for any of this? Remember this carefully. I choose for myself what I want to share with you. I will share things that I feel I can share at one particular moment. "Dark Ballet" was my last post about this. A chill song? Blending vocals in the chorus? "Plan can be changed too". These quoutes make your arguments against me even more funnier and hilarious, especially the last one. "No, shut my mouth and post any information regarding any song that has not been mention but something strong like the lyrics no anything like “it’s a different sound” cause you use to use your phrase “that was the plan but then it changed” can you fool other but not me. I’m sorry."
  5. LindebergBoy

    Mr.S has never posted anything about this. You just can't help bringing this guy up as a "very real insider" everytime I happily post something in here for you. This is getting ridiculous and reductive. I guess stupidity cannot be argued. Wow just wow! You don't give up. I mentionend Madonna performing those songs, all three of them, over a month ago before any other fanpages mentioned it and you immediately jumped at me. Not just one song. All three of them. Like a Prayer, Dark Ballet and Future. I also mentioned about the stripped down version of Dark Ballet for you in another thread. The least you can say to me at this point is I'm sorry. You just look very stupid.
  6. LindebergBoy

    I'm horrified and speechless about some of the comments for her performance in here. Are you fans or what? She truly did her best of what she was allowed to sing in Eurovision and there was a meaning, message and a truth behind it all. Even with the Joan of Arc inspired outfit (the spoken parts and ballet dancing) was a thought and a story behind that will make sense once Dark Ballet and Madame X is released.
  7. LindebergBoy

    No offense, but you should appologize to me. This is pretty rude. You look like a fool today with all I've told you about Medellin, Future (Monday at 09:09 PM Not everyone is coming into the future), Dark Ballet, I Rise and the performance for Eurovision Song Contest.
  8. LindebergBoy

    No offense but i don't know if i believe this. I don't know who made that report to you but it's just a wrong rehash and a mix of all the info we are getting day by day. No offense mate but i think the person who is givin you info is just someone who goes with the flow of what he reads on forums : 1st we see M shooting a video in Miami, people on the set report it's a disco song with a political msg and your insider says the lead is gonna be an uptempo disco track. Then as time goes by more and more rumors are coming that the lead is a latin/reggaetton track with Maluma then your insider say they have changed their plans and the lead is the reggaetton track with Maluma. Now since yesterday we all saw that a few tracks are gonna be released before the album is out and we have the titles of those tracks, and your insider says that M is gonna perform one of those tracks... i like you @LindebergBoybut i have strong doubts your source is reliable. I my be wrong though... Still don't believe me? Let's put an end to all the negativities we give each other in here. Love XOXO Gossip Girl Eurovision Song Contest: Like a Prayer, Dark Ballet (Spoken Interlude) and Future
  9. LindebergBoy

    No, the intro is similar to Future Lovers and a hint of spoken Rescue Me. (That might be very subjective). She sings Dark Ballet in a very haunting voice. The arrangement is pretty much the same as the Met Gala performance, but much more dramatic and orchestral with sound effects. Very advant-garde. You disbelievers will stop complaining. This song will shut your mouth for sure. Very interesting production with chopped sinister strings that "stops" abruptly. Very Mirwais. Reminiscent to another fan favourite song he also produced for a movie. 😉 "Dark Ballet" is one of the more multi-dimensional, sonically innovative produced tracks. Lots of piano, violin and dramatic effects. I've heard she's been using some innovative new studio teqniques creating new sound effects for a more sonically unorthodox mix of effects. A landscape of sound effects to the right and left fields of your speakers. Enough said I don't want to spoil too much and get negative: "I-don't-believe-you, - shut- it-up" comments again, even if I have been proven right now with both Future and her Eurovision performance with both Like a Prayer, Dark Ballet extract and Future. Are you ready to step into a dark ballet? 😍
  10. LindebergBoy

    Yes, she gave us an extract from the song. Spoken parts.
  11. LindebergBoy

    Dark Ballet is inspired from Joan of Arc.
  12. LindebergBoy

    She was amazing and killed it! She gave us Like a Prayer, an extract from Dark Ballet, and Future.
  13. LindebergBoy

    Yes, she gave us something from Dark Ballet.
  14. LindebergBoy

    Spoken parts from Dark Ballet.
  15. LindebergBoy

    He'll sound like a chipmunk. 🐿