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  1. Fever won’t be available until august with the 50’s collection. I’m just on the last track now…it’s all so fresh and clean. Its pretty much perfect tbh. So many highlights…everybody, deeper and deeper, frozen and give it 2 me are my standouts rn.
  2. There’s definitely a tour coming surely??? With that gang right there…this is just the start!
  3. On it! Lots of high scores from me (and a couple of lows).
  4. So glad that ones out the way, I still find it so dull! I prefer the non singles over the likes of hung up and sorry. Each to their own though. Bring on hard candy! My unapologetic favourite.
  5. I was literally about to type the same list!
  6. She looks great. Mystery man ffs 🙄
  7. Should’ve been in chronological order, should’ve had more from erotica-it seemed like they didn’t want to acknowledge that era. cover picture is horrible-just have one picture or the other-not two brilliant photos combined to make one Frankenstein of a picture. Should’ve had at least one forgotten gem such as gambler, the look of love, playground or I’ll remember. Other than that it’s a great greatest hits album full of hits and some “interesting” new versions. I personally love the version of express yourself, it’s my go to when I want to listen to that song. I really like revolver and celebration too.
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