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  1. She is writing though so maybe he’s producing something new with her…
  2. It was a magical time to be a fan. It was hard seeing her bashed so much on everything but so inspiring to see her standing up and not backing down. It was also interesting to see who the intelligent and open minded people of the press/tv were at the time who understood what she was saying and applauded her for doing so. She was on every tv channel, every news paper and magazine, all over the place and everyone had an opinion. The album is my favourite of all time. The videos are some of her best and the photo shoots were perfection. I would not be who I am today if not for erotica. Maybe life would have been a bit more simple if my mind hadn’t been opened the way it was by the erotica era but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I was 16/17 and it was one of the best times of my life. To quote Deathproof…erotica forever.
  3. Just finished my weekend in New York and I picked up the slip mat version from rough trade and exclusive print version from barnes and noble!!
  4. I’ve always wanted a show to open with thunder and lightning crashing and the spoken parts from sanctuary being played segueing into “I’m talking, I’m talking, I believe in the power of love” from rescue me, then the whole song, followed by nothing really matters and rain. Also bad girl has to be performed with a piano like a smoky jazz club section with secret and something to remember. The final number would be an extended, crowd joining version of express yourself.
  5. Thanks very much, I’ll try and get there and have a look 😁👍🏻
  6. I’m going to New York this weekend for the first time and so does anyone know where I can get the slip mat version please? I know barnes and noble have the litho so hoping to pick one of those up while I’m there.
  7. This pose reminds me of “I’m waiting” from truth or dare. She looks stunning.
  8. So Madonna’s out there re-enacting Dita and I’ve got erotica and hormonally yours items on preorder…finally 1992 is back!!!
  9. Just ordered the picture disc from uk store. Don’t care that it’s £40…it’s one item I’ve always wanted in my collection.
  10. The waiting, hesitating, is over! It has arrived!!!
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