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  1. The image was horrible. The album was great. (Except candy shop and Spanish lesson)
  2. Hard candy is one of my favourite albums. I probably listen to it the most and i think it is the most “Madonna” album since erotica.
  3. Can’t see this ending well for him, no matter the public opinion of Madonna she has a lot of respect from the industry, singers, rappers, producers, the lot. She spoke the complete truth. Da’baby (😂) may be out of his depth.
  4. Birthday party maybe 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. She hasn’t looked this good since…well a long time! Absolutely stunning, like, 1990’s stunning.
  6. I have a cardboard store advert with that on it somewhere.
  7. And I’m certain I can hear the V lol
  8. Yeah I know, it’s just never made sense to me that way 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Isn’t it “maybe you’re the next best thing to having all the things we might have been” though? I thought it was written purely for the film, or maybe adapted from another demo and used for the film. American pie was recorded for the film too after Rupert Everett suggested she do it as she sings it in the film at the funeral.
  10. She wasn’t into it properly at that point but I remember an interview where she said she had been introduced to a “new way of thinking” by a friend. I think it was the very beginning of the Kabbalah interest.
  11. A highlight of the album that’s for sure.
  12. I had 2 shows, my third was cancelled 😞 and I agree-completely live.
  13. No me neither. I read it on an Instagram post which had taken it from tmz.
  14. I’ve just read that Madonna has introduced and maybe is even paying for Britneys new lawyer! Not sure how true it is but good going M if it is.
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