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  1. Shep for sure. Vogue, rescue me, playground, most of erotica. The best era of all eras ever.
  2. Well said. I couldn’t agree more.
  3. Future is coming up next for me…loving it all so far, not just a concert film but a visual culmination of her career and her fight up to this point. It’s stunning.
  4. It’s so damn good! I’m just waiting for the bloody adverts to finish for batuka to start. So far my highlights are human nature and American life. Can’t wait for frozen…
  5. Well Elton John for instance hangs out with whichever current “star” he can…from Robbie Williams, the Beckhams, gaga, dua, even blue had a moment with him and he’s still considered a legend.
  6. I did wonder when I saw him turn up at the met if he’s have done anything Madonna ish while there
  7. Just seen this, don’t understand, is it a magazine or a video?
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