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  1. What I’d give to see/hear something to remember, rescue me and this used to be my playground.
  2. Jet

    When I was younger I always had the same dream that she was walking down the school staircase and I could never catch up. Then, after I finally got front row, I started to dream that we actually meet!
  3. Jet

    She has the voice of an angel that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. she genuinely fills me with excitement and joy. she saved my life.
  4. Jet

    Bring back Freddy, liz and even Christopher! They kept her just on the right side of cringey.
  5. Jet

    MDNA is one of her best albums. Not a skippable track on it apart from the awful give me all your lovin. If the era had started with girl gone wild everyone would’ve been all over it. Love that album. I’d go as far to say it’s stood the test of time better than ray of light and music. And I’m a fan from the early days.
  6. Jet

    Hated this song from first listen but hard candy is one of my favourite albums.
  7. I remember the first time I saw it. I’d just reconnected with an old school friend and went with her on opening night. The cinema was packed and I was shocked how many elderly people were there, like proper old grannies! And they came out crying because of the ending! I saw it at the cinema 16 times in total. I also remember the first time they showed the trailer, during the big breakfast tv show, it gave me shivers. My favourite film of all time and one of the most outstanding performances on film of all time. How she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar I’ll never understand. It’s because it was a musical was the official reason...and then a couple years later Chicago cleans up...🤔
  8. Jet

    Nothing really matters sex or holy water
  9. Jet

    What I don’t get and never can understand is, if it’s just M and Pat writing these songs together, how does this info get out? How do lyrics and song titles get out? Do they leak info themselves or is someone spying on them???
  10. What if it’s actually true tho 😱😂
  11. Jet

    I like Madonna: bad girl? (With the question mark).
  12. Tinsel rope, ear muffs, freezing cold string of lights, necked wine, woolly scarf, silver balls, creepy elves! Festive highs, Santa mask, veg peels, golden star, fake snow, candy cane, glass of baileys Santa came! Mince pie, chocolate log, Brussels sprouts and eggnog. Wrapped gifts, paper sheets, sticky tape turkey meat. Candle light, halo glow, fuzzy felt, hohoho! Golden hour, festive thongs, liquorice dip, cheesy songs! (way too much time on my hands)
  13. It’s so hard to believe that music is older now than lucky star was when music was released!!!!