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  1. Girlie show, opening night and 2nd night in London Wembley stadium ‘93, drowned world Paris Bercy and London Earl’s Court 2001, reinvention London Earl’s Court and Wembley arena 2004, confessions x2 London Wembley arena 2006, live earth London Wembley Stadium 2007, sticky and sweet Wembley stadium 2008, sticky and sweet o2 London 2009 x 2. Mdna Birmingham (triangle) and London Hyde park 2012. Rebel heart London o2 2015. Madame x Paris and London 2020. Plus lots of tv appearances, award shows, theatre shows and premieres along the way.
  2. Looks like South America, Asia and Australia are next according to her instagram!
  3. There’s too much to put in a movie, it would need to be a series. Maybe a season per decade or something. Personally I don’t get why we’d need either anyway, we’ve watched her career since the 80’s with the only person who could play that part-Madonna herself-in the lead role. I don’t really want to watch someone else pretend to be Madonna when I’ve watched and still can watch, the actual Madonna! A book however would be interesting because you’d get all the little details and bits and pieces of behind the scenes gossip and opinions and read the truth about it all.
  4. Is this going to be available to buy everywhere?
  5. She seems so humbled by the response. There’s a great comment below it too saying thank you for being the soundtrack to the best and worst moments of our lives. Pretty much sums it up really.
  6. Does anyone know the lyrics? I’m struggling with the second verse…”you’re my…..? Guess I’m not alone???”
  7. This song really seems like it suits where she’s at rn. It wouldn’t have worked for rebel heart but is perfect for now.a great end of year, New Year’s Eve party song.
  8. Did anyone notice Jenna ortega wearing a replica of Madonna’s erotica video outfit with “1992-93” clipped onto the sleeve on Jimmy Kimmel last week? Could it be a hint that she’s playing the erotica era Madonna? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Oh yeah, I was looking at the 2018 date-completely missed where it states 1989.
  10. What’s the love theme from Batman??? Would that have been for the dark knight?
  11. Does Brit awards when she fell down the steps count? Live earth too.
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