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  1. My parents appreciate her for what she’s done for me and like a lot of her songs and think she has a beautiful voice but (my mum especially) thinks she always looks ridiculous and needs to act her age 🙄💤. My 18 yr old daughter loves her, knows she’s the best of all time and is so excited to be seeing her front row with me in October!!
  2. I’ve been listening to Martikas kitchen this morning and it sounds so dated now, much like albums from that early 90’s era from Janet, kylie, Paula, Dannii, Kathy Dennis, Belinda Carlisle, Debbie Gibson etc, and it made me question why none of Madonna’s music from that time has dated. Like a prayer album, vogue, justify, rescue me etc all sound timeless. Is it because M and her team have an actual “gift”? Is it bigger budget in production or is it simply because I know those songs so well and are like oxygen to me and I can’t notice them ageing?
  3. That is annoying with the AirPods but you can set them so it stays still.
  4. It’s about Rocco and her hopes for his future and how hard the struggle of being a parent can be and that everything could just end in the blinking an eye so make the most out of life.
  5. Mega famous, household name with like a virgin. Superstar with true blue. Artist with like a prayer. Immortal Icon with blond ambition/vogue/immaculate collection.
  6. This is a really nice set. The sleeve and cover are beautiful.
  7. Rough trade uk still have some copies. Mine is finally on its way!
  8. Brad and Jen I think are the couple sitting together, she has long hair with 2000’s highlights. Britney is behind the paparazzi, the Olsen twins are sitting together, both identical with long blonde hair. Sharon stone appears a couple of times, standing up clapping I think.
  9. Jack, Sophia, Sharon stone, Brad and Jen, Britney, the Olsen twins, I’m sure there are some more too. Some of them are a bit questionable but you can see that’s what they were going for judging by who was about at the time.
  10. I just love the amount of celebrity lookalikes in the audience. Such a great video.
  11. They were married for a while.
  12. Lenny held my hand at one of his gigs in 2019, all I kept thinking was that this is the hand that wrote justify my love…now I’m thinking other things!!!
  13. And she put the writing emoji too
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