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  1. I had one with Shakespears sister last year and I was under the impression the select few taking part would be able to talk to them and ask questions etc but no, we all had to sit quietly and watch while some music journalist asked the (boring) questions, it was a bit of a let down tbh.
  2. The attention to detail in that tour was extraordinary...she threw EVERYTHING at it and it was perfect.
  3. The Madonna album I listen to the most. It caters for every mood. Loved it then, love it now.
  4. It’s quite probable that her and the people she mixes with are tested beforehand to see if it’s safe or not.
  5. Very intelligent sounding, and grounded. That’s good to see.
  6. No, just it’s a great version of a good song that hasn’t been available in a “modern” format. It’d be a good one to have.
  7. Is fever edit one the video version? I had it on cassette single but need it on Apple Music-I uploaded my cd single but it wasn’t included on that one in the uk.
  8. Can you imagine the uproar if she’d have performed where life begins at the Grammys in the early 90’s?? What a long way we’ve come...and it’s mostly thanks to M for speaking up and taking the heat, being brave and taking all the abuse without becoming a victim. Long live erotica!
  9. She’s on live right now! Posting gun control posters around the city!!!
  10. I hope living back in LA means getting back into Hollywood, lots of film projects, directing and acting!
  11. Yep, love it. Wish the video was the album version though.
  12. Everybody Into the groove (it was on the album by the time I bought it) live to tell the look of love oh father something to remember rescue me words love tried to welcome me youll see I’d be surprisingly good for you sky fits heaven paradise intervention let it will be devil wouldn’t recognise you revolver beautiful killer Ghosttown looking for mercy
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