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  1. I don’t care about the sales numbers, the chart positions, the social media likes and dislikes or the amount of time it took to edit it. She’s had her years of being at the top of charts and outselling everyone. I’m just looking forward to watching it and enjoying it and being grateful that after all these years and at the age she is she’s still bothering to create music and videos and shows etc that she’s passionate about.
  2. I really want to like it but it never really gets going. I think she’s had better songs recently-ghosttown, living for love, girl gone wild, give it 2 me, (Just talking singles that is)
  3. She looks just like she did in the early 90’s! Stunning and that square jawline!
  4. The secret is that happiness lies in your own hand and it took a special someone to make her realise that.
  5. Cataclysmic event aside, Madonna will be remembered forever in the way Marilyn and Elvis are, apart from the victim side. She caused too much change and controversy in the world to be forgotten. I believe she will be taught to kids as a prime example of standing up for yourselves and making stuff happen and not crumbling when under pressure. Female entertainers will hold her up as the reason they are able to do what they do with freedom. Her videos and images will be copied and reinvented. And M herself will be sat on her golden throne, necking a bottle of champagne rose looking down on everyo
  6. Paula on M’s right, Jennifer on her left and Melanie on the end. All sisters.
  7. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? Justin timberlake was good for about 5 minutes…can’t think of anyone else! Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Madonna Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Red hot chilli peppers Q4: What's your favourite song of the 00's ? Run by snow patrol Q5: What's your favourite album of the 00's hard candy madonna Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 00's ? Britney, Beyoncé, Rihanna
  8. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? Lenny kravitz Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Madonna Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Shakespears sister Q4: What's your favourite song of the 90's ? Hello (turn your radio on) Q5: What's your favourite album of the 90's erotica/hormonally yours Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 90's ? Madonna, Alanis Morissette
  9. Yep it has what are you looking at-vogue,vogue vogue. It’s “strike a pose” that’s not in the single version.
  10. Opening night of the girlie show was absolutely the best night of my life!
  11. Yeah I’ve seen those before, I always took the official music book to be accurate and buddy sue is what I’ve always heard but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. 4th verse but it’s Buddy Sue
  13. And Madonna wore her coat in the bedtime stories Q magazine photo shoot!
  14. It looks really good, especially the crawling to the milk part…makes me wish she was cast as catwoman in Batman returns even more.
  15. Our personalities must be similar because I also love Madame x, rebel heart, mdna and especially hard candy. Cheers to that 🍻
  16. Well yeah, I think songs like something to remember, he’s a man, back in business etc are way better than hung up! Her voice is stronger and she sings with passion.They’re both completely different albums, I’d just rather listen to I’m breathless, it’s also a product of an awesome time to experience as a Madonna fan and it just means more to me personally 🤷🏻‍♂️ And the blond ambition tour can’t be compared to confessions.
  17. Thank you! I’ve always hated “hung up”and can only really listen to “forbidden love”, “let it will be” and “jump”. I just really didn’t get the whole thing, the naff album title, the dull videos, the awful hair and outfits, the boring tour except for paradise and erotica…it just wasn’t for me but I know a lot of fans love it, just not me 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s a toss up between this and music for my least favourite but “paradise”, which is one of the best things she’s ever done, and “gone” save music for me.
  18. NOOO!!! It’s one of her best! Listen again to he’s a man, something to remember, back in business! The sheer raspy power of her voice toward the end of back in business and throughout hanky panky is stunning! She used her rescue me voice for the first time on that album and it sounded wonderful! The lyrics throughout are so good as well, really well crafted songs especially in cry baby and he’s a man. And the beauty of what can you lose too…sorry, I went off on one, I just really love that album!
  19. These sounds are perfect for M, a kinda cross between bedtime stories and hard candy.
  20. Omg you’re right!!! I’ve always just heard laughing like he,he,he,heee… but now I can totally hear here kitty kitty! Mind. Blown.
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