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  1. some people here ... just waiting to be triggered
  2. I would say Re-Invention World Tour is definitely next one
  3. If I remembered correctly from that time, that "12-minute track" was supposed to be some upbeat electronic version of X-Static Process song, but then Warner interfered with demanding some ballad on the album and Madonna was forced to redo it, so now we have that simple guitar song... That I adore but still, that original long electronic version is still my most wanted Madonna's demo ever! Hope it will leak some day. The second most wanted is the original version of Hollywood that was supposed to be much more experimental, but was also redone at the very last moment.
  4. me sitting here with my yahoo email and adoring Madonna
  5. Hello Curtains, incredibly glad to see you back with us! Hopefully your life got a bit better in the meantime ...
  6. Yeah, but they could do both. Vinyl and release this on CD as well, as any new release these days. They would sell even more copies then... Not sure what's the point to have it only on vinyls. Because I will definitely pass on this exactly for this reason.
  7. Yeah, I just guess no one really cares..
  8. Ehm, we really need a topic for this in News section..
  9. "I'll stick with the original copy of the album" ??? Not sure if you noticed, but this release is not supposed to replace an original American Life album by any means, it is a nice add-on.
  10. exactly, I was thinking about it recently as well, and came into conclusion that if there is any new music / album, i must be recorded already, since from now on she will be only preparing for tour and then touring for some quite time, so there is absolutely no room to work on any new music. But I dont think there is any new album coming, actually. Otherwise, we would have got some leaks if a complete album/EP would have been recorded (I mean, at least, some insiders info, not leaks similar to those during Rebel Heart era). Also, Madonna always cares about her new eras, so it doesnt make any sense to release any new material ... and then, just go touring with Celebration Tour and let album be forgotten. I am more and more convinced that she hasnt been working on any new album in the past months, but rather on some new remixes and/or new versions of her popular hits that are gonna be included on reissues only. I assume the plan here is to start reissue campaign right before the tour and release 2-3 reissues during the tour (I am counting with the fact she will be still touring next year as well, especially in Asia and Australia). So I cannot really see any room for new music in her schedule for next few years. I expect another album after tour and especially reissue campaign is done, so maybe in 2026 or even later, and I definitely see her next album as a "goodbye"/last album to the fans. Not saying she will ever go out of public eye, thats never gonna happen, but I guess she will rather be a complete legacy artist after next album (also considering the fact she will be hitting 70yo) and ""only" doing some new versions of her songs like she is doing now (Hung Up on Tokisha, Frozen on Fire ...). But I cannot really see her making another 3-4 albums, unfortunately.
  11. Actually they were not, they were no. 1 hits, of course (Billboard) in US, but not in "Dance Club category". Papa was "only" no. 4 and Who's that Girl was 44. I guess I can understand why they didn't break dance clubs. Papa especially is song about serious topic, nothing you wanna think about in the club on Saturday night (despite being great song)
  12. I almost believed all these rumors about new studio album by Madonna... Until I saw this post about Nicky Minaj. I don't think she is going to collaborate with her for the third time, especially if they don't seem to be friends. Moreover, Nicky Minaj doesn't really speak about collab with M in very positive way + I don't think Nicky is that much "relevant" for M anymore , M seems to be seeking another type of artists for collabs these days (Tokischa, Saucy Santana, Bob the Drag Queen, 070 Shake... completely different type of rappers/singers than Nicky)
  13. I think GH album will have a few more new songs than just one. Back in 2019/2020, insiders confirmed there are not many unused tracks from Madame X, only 1 or 2 another songs she recorded for Madame X but keeping those for some GH album in future. I guess she might have recorded 1 or 2 news songs last year as well with recent producers, so GH album will have 3-4 new tracks + probably 3CDs including all her hits similarly as FEL. But this is just my logical assumptions, nothing confirmed.
  14. That would be such a bitch move that all of a sudden, I love the idea American Life being reissued first!
  15. Nothing went away so cannot come back ;) movies are still normally available on BluRay. Not saying it's a massive market these days but the situation is exactly similar as with CDs. Everyone is streaming, but for collecting purposes, the some are buying it anyway. So cannot really see the reason why Madame X Tour must be only available on Para+ without any physical copy.
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