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  1. Last 6 Star Wars films? The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker, Rogue One, Solo.. Lucas was not involved in making those, not a director, not a writer, not a producer of these films ;-)
  2. I guess I am late to the party.. But why the heck is almost everyone complaining? She didn't tease or promise us any performance (you all just believed some so-called insider), she appeared, did her thing, looked stunning and went.. Not such a big deal, we might as well could get absolutely nothing
  3. Yeah, because American or European food has never had any problem with safety/health standard. Just a few examples : https://scholars.org/contribution/why-americas-food-still-not-safe https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_horse_meat_scandal You are just deliberately ignoring problems elsewhere and cherry-picking food safety issues just from Asian country and that is what makes you racist.
  4. Pet Shop Boys produced album (with a bit of touch of Stuart Price) Basically what we were supposed to get after COADF but than someone at Warner Bros had horrible idea...
  5. Exactly... I think most of the fans are exaggerating the work of Orbit (even if I endlessly love his production on Ray of Light). Of course, he is the best thing that happened to her... in 1997/1998. But sticking with him (as the only producer) for next 2-3 albums would be disaster. He is good when other producers are involved and ideas of Orbit and others are merged together, but as a single producer he is not so creative and diverse as Mirwais, for example. Moreover, I always liked Madonna for changing producers for (almost) every album. This way she keeps surprising me constantly. Of course, this approach doesn't always pays off (Hard Candy) but she is at least trying. I cannot stand nowdays singers that sound totally the same for three albums.
  6. Please quote me similarly as I quoted you. Where exactly am I making FUN of compilations? I am not making fun of them at all, just stating facts. I am huge fan of compilations and greatest hits albums, but they really don't make that much sense (especially physical copies) in the era of streaming. They simply lost the momentum. I would love to see more of these albums, but I learnt to accept they are not going to be as huge as they were before. That's it. And this one isn't going to make any difference, no matter if Madonna is included or not. Like I said in previous post, sure it would be nice for a few fans if Madonna would be included, but let's not make a tragic out of this. It is not like Madonna decided to ignore half of her catalogue. Moreover, Mariah and Janet said "I'll pass" as well, so it says a lot about "the importance" of this release.
  7. Making fun of streaming in 2021, really? ... Uhm ok - _- And then we are all wondering why Madonna's streaming numbers are usually so low and her legacy is dying... New era, new rules, I am collector myself but I realized a long time ago that physical copies are dying and meant only for niche audience and not gonna have any general appeal, and this collection isn't even any mainstream collection, it simply goes totally under the radar, so it really doesn't matter if Madonna is included or not. Most of the fans on this forum even seem to not care about it much. So calling it "EPIC FAIL" / "TRAGIC" is bit of exaggerating.. Sure it would be nice for a few fans if Madonna would be included, but let's not make a tragic out of this. It is not like Madonna decided to ignore half of her catalogue.
  8. Who cares about compilations in the era of streaming? This one goes totally under the radar as well no matter if Madonna is included or not..
  9. Just stop making these stupid facebook videos famous please You are basically doing what they want you to do, sharing elsewhere and dragging a lot of unnecessary attention to it
  10. In the meantime I am sitting here preparing myself for another mass meltdown when first reedition is announced
  11. Definitely not true... For example I was a teenage boy when Ray of Light was released and I was disappointed by that album back then since I didn't completely understand the topics she was singing about. At that time I was listening to very simple pop songs by Spice Girls or Britney and couldn't understand why Ray of Light was so weird and different (in terms of music standards at that times.. Pop songs that were charting were so simple in comparison with RoL) Actually I started to LOVE RoL much later when I become more mature (maybe before my 30s), and than I finally understood why sooo many fans love it, consider it BEST album by Madonna and one of the greatest pop record. Even for today music standard, it aged pretty well (for example Frozen is timeless song), RoL is just not another "simple" pop album by Madonna, it's a piece of music art. If someone find it boring I can understand, but it's probably just because you expect another pop record by Madonna, but she delivered something more complex. And I definitely don't care if it was "big year" for Madonna or not. For example I love eras such as Bedtime Stories or Madam X, and those are definitely not "big". From the other side, Like a Virgin era was HuuuuuGE and its my least favorite Madonna album, so I don't really think fans love certain albums just because they are coming from big eras or not
  12. Actually I ageee with most of them.. 1) yeah, the album came late when Timbaland sound was already outdated and I can agree with most fans that it's a downgrade from her previous perfect flow of high quality albums (RoL, Music, AL, COADF) however it's not that "bad" album as some fans present. Actually, I listen to Hard Candy a lot especially in summer, for some reason it's a perfect album for hot sunny weather for me.. Even if I definitely wouldn't put it amongst my top 5 Madonna albums, doesn't necessarily mean it's such a bad record 2) no doubt about it, I guess majority of fans can agree with Madame X being masterpiece and Madonna back in form and being creative with that record.. Of course, not everyone but in general it's accepted as a good record amongst fans 3) this is actually a VERY GOOD point.. I love LAP but I have never understood why it's acclaimed as such mature album... Of course, it's definitely MUCH more mature than her previous albums (even if True Blue has at least Papa dont preach song) but in general it's not that mature record since it also has totally playful, bubble gummy tracks such as Cherish or Dear Jessie. Rhythm Nation by Janet from the same era is much more mature album than LAP.. which doesn't make LAP any worse of an album, but still it just is 4) this is the one I disagree the most :-) I accept that a few people like it, but in general it's simply not good cover... Despite Madonna looking unappealing, What's the point of Madonna being presented as boxer? How is that connected to the sound of an album (which is absolutely not hip-hop heavy). How is it connected to the album title? They just smashed candies behind her for no reason at all. It's just a mess, not linked together. But yeah, that's just my opinion 5) Completely agree... Actually most of young Madonna non-fans/casual listeners of her really like RH (even my mother listen RH a lot!) . It would be definitely more acclaimed album by general public if someone else's released it in 2015. Only thing I cannot forgive her that she decided not to include David Guetas tracks (RH, Addicted, Borrowed Time, Wash All over Me) but changed those to reallu stripped down versions. 6) it is.. I actually prefer it even over Blond Ambition that I find overrated by older fans. No doubt about significance of BA tour, but she has better tours from viewers perspective 7) I think this one is not even unpopular, lol.. There are many fans that rank LAV as their least favorite Madonna album. It's actually the ONLY ONE album I NEVER listen in full by Madonna. After Dress You Up I cannot stand this album (sorry not sorry) PS: I am still interested about your other unpopular opinions ;-)
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