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  1. thank you, my feelings as well. Even if I can stand Frozen on Fire remix, but Material Gworrrrlllll and Hung Up On Tokiwhoever is absolutely not my thing, listened to it once, never no more. Is it wrong thou? Dont think so ... she is not making a big thing out of this, she is clearly aiming at (very) young audience to somehow catch their attention after years, so I am fine with it, at least until she decides to release an album full of this new remixes, then I am gonna be mad. But few digital remixes and youtube videos can be easily ignored. She gave us, longtime fans, FEL recently, so she can make a few songs/remixes for teenagers as well.
  2. Oh thank you, I was just wondering if there is truly some song I am not aware of. Never heard of Feeling So Crazy, but The Beat Is So Crazy rings a bell!
  3. Interesting to see that most of the top rated / green tracks from this era are actually ballads I know she is now promoting her legacy as 'dance artist' (FEL, Danceteria...), but she should not forget how strong is her 90s era of ballads, maybe not chart-wise, but actually most general audience (not fans of Madonna) like especially Balladonna, even those who "hates" Madonna appreciate a lot of her downtempo stuff... At least this is what I noticed with some of my friends, colleagues, family here in Europe
  4. Completely understand your point of view, however to me, 90% of these songs sound exactly like not fully developed songs / early demos. I see why Madonna got so upset re leakage, most of songs in this megarate should not represent her at all.. But here we are, maybe with a little bit of touch from some producer we can get an album full of unreleased stuff in future, but i don't think these songs should be released just like this, they need some work to be done
  5. This one is super cringe, but super bad ass at the same time... My guilty pleasure
  6. These ratings seem to be way too high, i was expecting we will be orbiting around 3 out of 10 in this megarate:)
  7. I hope Nothing Lasts Forever is no. 1,it's actually the only song that doesn't sound like cheap demo in this collection
  8. These covers are amazing... Such songs /demos don't even deserve this level of treatment
  9. I am fully aware of that upcoming addiction and fully prepared to succumb to it PS: gonna play s**t out of Paradise tonight!
  10. oh really? :D it was only my second guess... I was thinking it is either Forbidden Love (COADF) or Paradise (not for me) or Like it Or not. Actually, Paradise is my most favourite Madonna song from 2000s as well. Fun fact, this is going to be my first vinyl EVER I was only collecting CDs and BluRays till now, so it officially makes me a vinyl collector as well (damn, so many vinyls to get!)
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