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  1. Ok, sorry to say this but I am deleting my account (if that's possible, if not just not using it anymore), cannot stand how unmoderated and rude this forum has become. Why I am writing this post is just to say huge, huge, huge thank you @Curtains These megarates were so much fun (especially when I was online during announcement of results ;)... Erotica is the most iconic one), you did perfect job bringing this community together, making fun for us and even creating amazing artwork for each Madonna song (she should be inspired by this for her reissues... really). Keep doing this in future, Curtains, you are the reason why this forum has been so great! ;-)
  2. Jeez christ.. I am out of this forum, I really cannot stand idiots Iike you
  3. You are obviously here just to kill every piece of enjoyment of any Madonna fan. I don't agree with a lot of her decisions as well and I wish her career would be more relevant in 2022, but I don't blame people who still enjoy what she is doing. What do you expect when coming to Madonna forum? 3 people who like her and rest hating her? Everyone praising you how amazing you are telling fans about mediocrity of her records? Completely fine if you don't like her anymore and think she only did absolute atrocious decisions in the last few years. Just don't mock others.
  4. voted, a lot of 10/10 for me cannot wait for the results! This is gonna be thrilling ...
  5. Thank you for the results, unfortunately I couldn't be online this time, but I probably wouldn't have many comments, to be honest, since Evita songs don't hold any special place in my heart ... However still glad You'll See took no. 1 spot See you in next megarate, where fun begins again (at least for me) ;-)
  6. How naive one can be... She didn't practice for Eurovision, don't think she is miraculously taking singing lessons for this little performance I am more shocked she is not performing Frozen (Sickick Remix) feat. Kazaky, such missed opportunity to not release another version of this remix gem (ehm ehm sarcasm)
  7. Ok, I am gonna listen Evita OST after yeeeears just because of you
  8. Thank you for another megarate! And fun announcing the results (this also goes to everyone who managed ti be online! ) Now it is real Bedtime for me here in Europe. Read you next time, guys!
  9. Up to this moment, I haven't thought fans like this song so much, I always believed it is totally forgotten
  10. Okay, I am gonna say it out loud: HUMAN NATURE FOR NO. 1! You have it, guys, don't disappoint me (except you Voguerista, you probably gonna rate it minus 7):)
  11. Another surprise... Cannot believe this is lower than Love Tried To Welcome Me or I'll Remember
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