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  1. I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy your families,food,presents,and happiness in the season. :Madonna042:

    1. Andymad


      Same to you babe ❤️❤️ Happy holidays!

    2. Fighter


      have a lovely xmas :hug:

  2. If anyone is selling vinyl copies of Janet's Damita Jo,20 Y.O. and Design Of A Decade for a decent price (under USD $100 for one or $100 for all three) please contact me. I'm on the hunt for those vinyl albums and they're not easy to find for a cheap price. Thanks.

  3. Love Is The Groove

    I like the song. It's got a great beat and it's very underrated IMO.
  4. Love Is The Groove

    Interesting to see it so crystal clear. You can even see that her red lipstick had gotten on her teeth (Cherish) and rubbed to her chin (Vogue).
  5. Love Is The Groove

    She really needs to retire those damn things.
  6. Love Is The Groove

    Madonna needs to step her game up on her next tour altogether. KA made great things for the posthumous MJ Cirque shows and for other artists but for Madonna their styles don't jive well in a lot of ways. And we can't entirely blame the musical director when Madonna herself is the name on the marquee and billboard in every city she performs in,not the musical director. She's gotten to a point where she's phoning her shows in and making shitty excuses on why she's several hours late when people (not just fans,but actual people) paid several hundred dollars to see her. MX was a different ball of wax since she injured her knee but she still didn't need to delay people several hours,especially those who have to work 9-5 the next day just because it works for her on her time. It's very harmful to her reputation. Not to be that person sliding in a comparison but look at a Janet concert. She is still giving 100% in her shows,charging hundreds less and allowing her choreography and talent speak for itself in a stripped back production in theaters and arenas. I think Madonna needs to take a play out of Janet's book and apply it to her next tour. If she's going to keep going in the direction she's been going since MDNA she should stop touring altogether because nobody will ever see her again except the diehards who've seen her hundreds of times. TL;DR - Madonna needs to stop making shitty excuses and not be so garishly selfish on her next tour.
  7. Love Is The Groove

    Same question I'm asking lol.
  8. Love Is The Groove

  9. Love Is The Groove

    The instrumental is the Calderone & Quayle Dark Side remix.
  10. Love Is The Groove

    This might fill you in:
  11. Dude but for real,hating on Gaga is so 2009. Just stop.

  12. Love Is The Groove

    Candy Shop (2008) and Hung Up (also S&S) are a couple favorites. Shame we haven't gotten the full versions.
  13. Love Is The Groove

    This was the smartest decision on M's part. While Amazing is a good song,it sounds way too much like Beautiful Stranger and the comparisons would have been immediately drawn to those songs had it been released as a single. She dodged a bullet honestly.
  14. Love Is The Groove

    Well no shit. Of course she has a belief in astrology. I was saying that it's unlikely that she would be petty and trivial enough to refuse work with a producer just because they have a different astrological sign. Madonna's more mature than that I would think. Then again there was the whole Gaga feud she ignited so I wouldn't entirely put it past her.
  15. Love Is The Groove

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that M is that trivial to refuse work with somebody because of their astrological sign. I think it's rooted deeper than the reason given by DG but I think in the long run she dodged a bullet. He's quite overrated IMO.