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  1. New Janet docuseries coming out from Lifetime and A&E slated for an early 2022 release as confirmed by both networks earlier this afternoon. The docuseries has been in production since the start of Janet's 2017 State Of The World Tour and will be a four hour long,two night event. The docuseries promises an unfiltered,raw glimpse into the music legend's life,her most recent divorce from Wissam Al Mana,the deaths of Michael & Joseph Jackson,motherhood,touring,and the infamous Superbowl fiasco. The docuseries also coincides with the fortieth anniversary of Janet's first studio album released in 1982.

    1. girlgonewild


      She needs to follow the hype after the documentary with an MC30 like event (releasing stuff from the vaults, remastering mvs and tours, releasing all her singles on streaming services, etc) but knowing her team we're probably just gonna get a hashtag :cry: 


  2. Can anyone remake the club medley from Janet's Metamorphosis residency? The one with Go Deep,Come On Get Up,Rock With U and Throb is the one I'm referring to.

  3. Is there an HD version of the MDNA Skin Rose Mist commercial available for download?

  4. I agree with your choices as well. Like A Prayer defines the Madonna of the 1980s best. Ray Of Light was her spiritual rebirth in the 90s and Confessions was the celebration and culmination of everything she had succeeded in by the 00's. An honorable mention is Madame X (in my opinion) because it feels like a full circle moment for Madonna's career where she's rebuilding from the ground up in terms of her future and looking back which she doesn't like to do.
  5. This is incredibly creative and hilarious. Some of these cards made me genuinely LOL.
  6. I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy your families,food,presents,and happiness in the season. :Madonna042:

    1. Andymad


      Same to you babe ❤️❤️ Happy holidays!

    2. Fighter
  7. If anyone is selling vinyl copies of Janet's Damita Jo,20 Y.O. and Design Of A Decade for a decent price (under USD $100 for one or $100 for all three) please contact me. I'm on the hunt for those vinyl albums and they're not easy to find for a cheap price. Thanks.

  8. I like the song. It's got a great beat and it's very underrated IMO.
  9. Interesting to see it so crystal clear. You can even see that her red lipstick had gotten on her teeth (Cherish) and rubbed to her chin (Vogue).
  10. My own personal ranking of every Janet album: 1. All For You 2. The Velvet Rope 3. janet. 4. Unbreakable 5. Damita Jo 6. Rhythm Nation 1814 7. Control 8. Discipline 9. 20 Y.O. (I used to be a lot harsher on 20 Y.O. but I have softened up to it and she has some great dance tracks on this album that are probably the most underrated in her discography) 10. Janet Jackson + Dream Street (first two albums,never listen to them) Of course being the massive Janet fan that I am I don't hate any of the albums and I love all of them individually but t
  11. She really needs to retire those damn things.
  12. Madonna needs to step her game up on her next tour altogether. KA made great things for the posthumous MJ Cirque shows and for other artists but for Madonna their styles don't jive well in a lot of ways. And we can't entirely blame the musical director when Madonna herself is the name on the marquee and billboard in every city she performs in,not the musical director. She's gotten to a point where she's phoning her shows in and making shitty excuses on why she's several hours late when people (not just fans,but actual people) paid several hundred dollars to see her. MX was a different ball of
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