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  1. Of course I wanna say that because it's true lol. Wouldn't say it if it weren't the reality. Obviously I can't explain myself better than Trixie & Katya did in three episodes of Season 5 of Unhhhh,"Toxic Masculinity" part 1 and 2 and "Straight People".
  2. Grindr is the most toxic cesspool ever. It has truly made the gay community a shitshow.
  3. All this footage has been available since 2015. Sad there's not more of it.
  4. Somebody already started a thread about this earlier this month lol. She's still alive and still around. Yes her daughter is named Madonna and she still goes to Madonna concerts. A fan got a picture with her in the VIP section during the MDNA Tour in 2012.
  5. This channel is one of my faves. She's so incredibly thorough and I found out a lot of things I had never known,even being a Madonna fan for several years.
  6. Do not ever take Gaga fans from GagaDaily seriously. They straight up bullied Gaga herself off of that forum at one time and she has since recanted support for that forum altogether and they talk more shit about Gaga than any other artist and that's the forum's namesake after all. And their admin is a complete tosspot as well. Fuck GagaDaily.

    1. Roy


      Isn't it ironic how they commit to being a Little Monster page yet they have the nerve to bully Lady Gaga? Also, is GagaDaily the same page wherein they have rules about not stanning Madonna and Katy Perry and not stanning anyone who hates Gaga to be a member?

    2. lennyleonard


      what, did they really bully Gaga herself?

    3. Love Is The Groove

      Love Is The Groove

      @lennyleonardYes they did. All they do is bully and talk shit about her. They insult and belittle every single move she makes and it's disgusting. So much for being Gaga "fans" on a Gaga fan forum. :eyesroll: They make a forum like MadonnaNation look saintly.

  7. Shitting on other female artists for literally no reason at all and lifting Madonna up on a God-like pedestal when she's a human being.
  8. What I struggle to understand is how in the hell we still haven't gotten the Candy Shop 2008,4 Minutes or Hung Up backdrops from the Sticky & Sweet Tour all these years later. I'd literally sell my useless organs to see these backdrops.

    1. Brendanlovesu1


      I think some snippets have leaked, there was a compilation demo of clips from the 2008 tour in the backdrops thread i think

  9. I love the Madame X album and it's her most solid and cohesive work since Confessions. It's not my favorite favorite but it stands up better than Hard Candy,MDNA,and Rebel Heart (a few standout tracks but overall trash). There are a couple recycleable tracks (Bitch I'm Loca & Funana are the ones that came to my mind,the latter doesn't affect the album since it's just a bonus but it shouldn't have been released at all) but overall they don't hinder the overall scope of the album. I think her working with Mirwais again helped significantly as well as tightening up security on her hard drives so there wasn't a massive leak of the album before its release (Rebel Heart). I genuinely believe this album was the step in the right direction she needed to take and I hope her next album is even better than MX.
  10. That's grandiose delusion if I've ever heard it lol.
  11. Haters do not belong in this thread. And just to point out,Madonna is equally not a saint in terms of "ugly" stage outfits. She's had quite a few as well throughout her career if we're gonna nitpick or call out on dumb shit unnecessarily. And Janet also exclusively only lips her dance songs but she sings the ballads live. But again,as if Madonna isn't equally as guilty of lipsynching too. Just sayin'.
  12. The wedding dress worn for her secret (at the time) marriage to her second husband Rene Elizondo,Jr from 1991-2000.
  13. New Janet docuseries coming out from Lifetime and A&E slated for an early 2022 release as confirmed by both networks earlier this afternoon. The docuseries has been in production since the start of Janet's 2017 State Of The World Tour and will be a four hour long,two night event. The docuseries promises an unfiltered,raw glimpse into the music legend's life,her most recent divorce from Wissam Al Mana,the deaths of Michael & Joseph Jackson,motherhood,touring,and the infamous Superbowl fiasco. The docuseries also coincides with the fortieth anniversary of Janet's first studio album released in 1982.

    1. girlgonewild


      She needs to follow the hype after the documentary with an MC30 like event (releasing stuff from the vaults, remastering mvs and tours, releasing all her singles on streaming services, etc) but knowing her team we're probably just gonna get a hashtag :cry: 


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