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  1. ripopgodazippa

    You hit the nail right on the head.
  2. I feel beyond grateful to our community of users who have shared stuff this week. Thanks to each and every one of you for your generosity in this dark time.

  3. ripopgodazippa

    Still my favorite Madonna moment lol.
  4. I'm pretty sure the Vogue BAT clip she put on YouTube was from the in-house DVD that leaked in 2015 lol. I highly doubt it'll be released in full since we've had this recording for years.

    1. jross


      I think you are right! 😃😃

    2. vesalii


      You're right, actually, it is. BTW can you share it?

    3. ripopgodazippa


      1 hour ago, vesalii said:

      You're right, actually, it is. BTW can you share it?

      I don't have a copy but it's been reuploaded multiple times on this forum. Utilize the search function and you'll find it no problem. :Madonna010:


    This made me so hopeful to see the Take A Bow B-roll to finally leak. I really hope somebody can leak it. Please. I'm begging for anyone. Please.

    1. Steffmad


      Sorry i more want Like a Prayer B-Roll

    2. ripopgodazippa


      1 hour ago, Steffmad said:

      Sorry i more want Like a Prayer B-Roll

      Like A Prayer B-roll seems a lot more unlikely than Take A Bow B-roll.

    3. Steffmad


      I think all the ones we have outtakes, from LAP, TAB and LAP will not see the light of day that early. These were sold to less people

  6. ripopgodazippa

    I keep thinking about this song and why the full song (both Kylie and Madonna's versions) have never seen the light of day. Kylie's version partially saw the light of day in the White Diamond documentary chronicling her Showgirl: Homecoming Tour but the full song has never leaked. Madonna's version is nonexistent period with no snippets or anything coming out. Why is this? Will it ever leak? If both versions leak I'd be intrigued to hear them in full. It'd be especially interesting if someone combined both versions into a duet. Fan made full version of Kylie's rendition for those unfamiliar:
  7. I still would kill to see the NYC stock footage the Spice Girls used in the 2 Become 1 music video.

  8. So who wants to leak the Take A Bow & Ray Of Light B-rolls so we have something to dick around with while in quarantine? :party:

    1. RUADJAI


      Did someone say dick?

      looking jim carrey GIF

  9. ripopgodazippa

    That Bedtime Story/Music mashup is fantastic.
  10. I hope that the Candy Shop 2008 backdrop leaks someday.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ripopgodazippa


      @RUADJAI The 2009 one already leaked. I'm talking about the original one with the dancing candy backgrounds.

    3. RUADJAI


      @ripopgodazippaDid it? The actual backdrop or just the art video? hmmmm, ill have to look for it. 

    4. ripopgodazippa


      Both have leaked.

  11. I'm still wondering why Madonna used the Nobody Knows Me backdrop from Re-Invention for the Get Together backdrop on the Confessions promo tour.

    1. madgefan


      She's recycled the disco ball from the ROL video a lot of times too!

  12. Rest in peace to Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his thirteen-year old daughter Gianna.

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    2. MarXus


      What a tragedy in what happened. So young!  May he RIP! 

    3. Voguerista


      Rip! So sad! 

    4. Synchrone


      Can’t believe it..good journey to all in the crash

  13. ripopgodazippa

    Well this thread started a shitstorm for no reason. I just wanted to know why M hasn't performed in Hawaii. A lot of the responses were quite unnecessary.
  14. This is a question I've had on my mind for a minute but why has Madonna never performed in Hawaii? It's pretty strange considering they have a huge arena and stadium that could've housed any of her tours,but she doesn't seem to have had interest in performing there.
  15. Since the Bedtime Story RIT backdrop has finally gotten an upgrade (partially; there needs to be a leak of the full frame video and not a cropped frame) I'm now hoping we get some new backdrop leaks soon. :heart: