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  1. ripopgodazippa

    There was a fan of hers that met her (I believe) during the Art Basel exhibition in Miami in 2016 because they have a photo with her in one of their Facebook profile photos.
  2. I hope the stems for Take A Bow leak someday. I can imagine what a beautiful orchestral version would sound like for that song.

    1. DickTracy


      Or even a proper dance remix, somehow :)  The possibilities! 

  3. ripopgodazippa

    Bitch I'm Madonna hands down. I think a lot more people have gotten turned off by the song in more recent memory but I think that should be the one Madonna song deleted from her discography. It's unbelievably vapid and arrogant coming from the same woman who wrote songs like Frozen,Live To Tell,I'll Remember,Rain,etc.
  4. ripopgodazippa

    She's been known to defend him in his darkest periods and you mean to tell me some bullshit documentary had say in her expressing her artistic freedom? Wack.
  5. ripopgodazippa

    I still think MJ's name should have gotten a mention in Funana since she name dropped every other dead musician in this song and she talks about him all the time.
  6. Before I die I'd love to see the 2008 backdrop for Candy Shop, as well as the 4 Minutes and Hung Up backdrops from 2008. 

  7. ripopgodazippa

    Such a cute story!
  8. Wow somebody is on a thread posting spree I see. Good lord!

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    2. Ryder


      On 1/5/2020 at 2:54 PM, wtg1987 said:

      I thought that too 🙄

      I’m waiting for the topic

      favourite m song to listen to whilst having a shit 😬

      Bring It, Liquid Love, Push, Why's so Hard, Bye Bye Baby, Crimes of Passion, Hello and Goodbye?

    3. DickTracy


      Hello and Goodbye LMFAO!!!! Like that like in 4 Minutes - "Sometimes I think what I need is a urine invention".

    4. RebelMe


      Tell me about it :Madonna002:


      2 hours ago, Ryder said:

      Bring It, Liquid Love, Push, Why's so Hard, Bye Bye Baby, Crimes of Passion, Hello and Goodbye?

      Liquid Love :rip::ahh: 

  9. ripopgodazippa

    Many Madonna songs have made me cry. First ones that come to mind are The Power Of Goodbye,Frozen,To Have & Not To Hold,Falling Free,Love Tried To Welcome Me,I Want You,Take A Bow,etc.
  10. So I guess no Take A Bow B-roll for Christmas....sad.

  11. I can't tell you what I'd give to be able to have Cher's Believe and Song For The Lonely's B-rolls.

    1. poserdemadonna


      I would just like to have the "gay version" of Strong Enough in lossless

  12. How strange that I thought that the Take A Bow B-roll was inches away from leaking now that we have a lot more newer snippets that had leaked out but now it's crickets. :Madonna033:

    1. theREALmgo


      Give it a few months, after Secret came out I think we're getting more. Things normally leak around the same time, I've noticed... Although I'm still hoping we get the other version of the Secret b-roll that has all the footage and isn't timecoded.

  13. I'm still dying to get Janet's Come Back To Me stems.

  14. ripopgodazippa

    I don't think it's a smart idea to publicly post your phone number online. Somebody could doxx your information easily.
  15. ripopgodazippa

    This show is definitely not in the right venue currently. She should have chosen Park MGM over The Colosseum in Vegas. Park MGM is newer and can withstand a grandiose production (i.e. Britney's Piece Of Me,Gaga's Enigma,etc.) unlike the Colosseum which was built exclusively for Celine Dion's A New Day... residency and was,on one hand,somewhat grandiose for the time of the early 2000s,but on the other hand not able to withstand such a massive production that Madonna puts on. OT: I do think M is royally screwing herself and next tour she's going to pay the price of having empty arenas because everyone's getting sick of her sh*t. She better seal these cracks before it's too late.