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  1. So as we all know there are two different Forbidden Love songs in Madonna's catalog,one on Bedtime Stories and the other one on Confessions. But my question is did Madonna intentionally want two different songs with the same title and (most likely coincidence but still strange nonetheless) the seventh track on both albums? Or did it just happen that way? This has always been a fascinating topic for my brain to circle back to and I'd love to hear people's feedback on what they think or if Madonna actually has discussed this in some fashion that I may have missed.
  2. true or dire the feb nu smel by medoner

    1. jross
    2. hzmajesty


      OMG I'm not the only one that watches the Nekci Menij show! Haha.

  3. Strays Of The World

    Yes there is a Freddie/Jacksons version of State Of Shock in demo form. Only song that has never been released from their sessions is the title track of the Jacksons Victory album. Side note this should not be in Madonna news and discussion because it's not Madonna related at all.
  4. Strays Of The World

    What's next is a long deserved break. It should be extended well enough to have her recover fully from her injuries on the MX tour. If she doesn't rest and keeps going we could easily lose her just from her putting strain on herself. But she is fiercely determined so who knows. For now I hope that she learned the hard way that she cannot push herself as hard as she has at almost 62. I think the easiest thing for her now would be work on an autobiography and slowly building a new greatest hits collection that can envelop Immaculate Collection,GHV2,and Celebration as one cohesive unit.
  5. Strays Of The World

    I mean personally I'll never relate to the song but you can always interpret the lyrics in the gay sense when you're rimming.
  6. Strays Of The World

    Thus far,extra scenes exclusive to the workprint and the EMA 2005 backdrop are the only B-roll scenes from Hung Up. There's no B-roll currently out there for that video.
  7. Strays Of The World

    More than half of these haven't leaked before.
  8. Strays Of The World

    It's been over fifteen years since Re-Invention and not one new backdrop has leaked since AL in 2015. I'm not hopeful of a new backdrop leak from this tour.
  9. Strays Of The World

    It's the Betacam master files. They must have recorded the backdrops on Betacam and transferred them into digital files.
  10. Strays Of The World

    Unfortunately this does cost a lot of money but I would honestly kill for all of these backdrops. Maybe it could be crowdfunded?
  11. Strays Of The World

  12. Strays Of The World

    The talent and effort put into this is unbelievable. He did a fantastic job.
  13. Strays Of The World

    The Junior's Bedtime Story remix is not from Dan-O-Rama. That was the only remix video not by Dan from his time working with Madonna.
  14. Getting ready to attempt remaking the 2008 Candy Shop backdrop unless some generous soul wants to leak it so I don't have to put in the extreme effort lol.