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  1. Australia's national treasure is gone... May she rest eternally in peace.


  2. 2022 is already halfway over. I think it'd be a good time to share any Erotica era B-roll between now and the end of the year to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Bad Girl or Deeper And Deeper. C'mon please?

    1. deathproof


      Do Erotica first

  3. I'm a proud gay man and a huge Madonna fan. Obviously for me, Janet came first but Madonna came not long after along with many many many other fabulous strong, brazen, and fantastic female role models who are singers.
  4. Coming to the discovery that I had a goldmine of two rare Mariah Carey CD singles that I'm in the process of selling on Discogs to have gotten rid of the original cases for slimline cases (don't ask why, I can't even properly answer) and have cut the cover of one to fit into the slim case is truly a massive kick in the nuts. I'm so mad at myself.

  5. Definitely TIC over FEL standard. So much is cut off of FEL that it feels emptier compared to TIC which pounds hit after hit after hit and the conclusion of Vogue, JML and Rescue Me is off the charts.
  6. Was at a local Walmart in Las Vegas and of all the Madonna songs to play, they played Forbidden Love '05 in their store. Idk which gay made their store playlist but they clearly have taste. :Madonna030:

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    2. Wuthering Heights

      Wuthering Heights

      @professormouse I mean it's not wrong of me to assume that it was a gay that made the playlist lol. :Madonna031: JK.

    3. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Imagining twerking on Forbidden Love while checking the price tag 😂

    4. A. A. Aardvark
  7. I wonder how long the Don't Tell Me B-roll footage is? :thinker:

  8. Has anyone done a mashup of Amazing & Beautiful Stranger?

  9. I'm wondering what the next B-roll will be shared? :thinker: It's been well over a year since Ray Of Light leaked and I'm still in shambles every time I watch it.

  10. I really hope someday there's a full video recording that gets Cher-ed (see what I did lol :laughing:) of Cher's final Living Proof/Farewell/Never Can Say Goodbye Tour at the Hollywood Bowl. There is a small clip of the monologue and I Still Haven't Found online and I think the full show would be wonderful to see since it's the last one of that colossal tour. 

  11. Hate to say it but the Frozen On Fire video is probably the best out of the Frozen Sickick trilogy. The solo Madonna shots and primary focus on her with no feature in the video is what I enjoy the most. Although it's kind of funny that they used low quality shots of the Sticky & Sweet 2009 backdrop and didn't think of upscaling to 4K to match with everything else lol.

  12. I've listened to a lot of Kate Bush's discography and she's absolutely phenomenal. Idk why I never got into her sooner.

    1. A. A. Aardvark
    2. Wuthering Heights

      Wuthering Heights

      @professormouseI can't wait to hear that if it comes soon! He's definitely been inspired by her work and cites her as a major inspiration for his work and Outkast's work as well. It's been over ten years since 50 Words For Snow so I can't wait for new Kate Bush music already.

    3. A. A. Aardvark
  13. But then why would she have wasted her time going on international tours with sold out shows in European countries if she didn't have big market pull in those countries? That literally makes zero sense. Footage like what's shown in this montage specifically tells me that she had/has a worldwide market and she just did a great tour of Australia/NZ before the pandemic so I don't get why you're saying what you're saying.
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