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  1. shakeyerdix

    I would never buy the awful 2016 reissue of Erotica with so badly scanned sleeve and wrong fonts on back. Such a shame to release this kind of shit. You can buy for less than 60$ the real 1992 Erotica pressing which is much much better than shitty lazy reissue. Fuck Rhino.
  2. shakeyerdix

    Do we know some people having the Shep Pettibone Bedtime stories early demos ? And Broken-Takara 1995 song ? From the list up there, these are the most interesting files so far !
  3. shakeyerdix

    DEFINITELY -Shep/Madonna demo set 93/94 pre-Bedtime
  4. shakeyerdix

    Oh I'm jalous with your It's that girl tapes and longboxes CD's I wish I'll have !!
  5. shakeyerdix

    Where can we find all tour dates + cancelled dates ?
  6. shakeyerdix

    There are just 3 fucking last dates now... So not the worst effort to do that... She should just dance a bit less, she would suffer less. The worst thing is still to cancel and yes this is weird to cancel by the end of afternoon. If she was feeling bad yesterday, if she was feeling bad this morning either, than react... This tour is really a nightmare. I wonder how will be her next tour. It will never be the same. She was never some one who cancels and arrives that late (for RHT a bit though). Now she is...
  7. shakeyerdix

  8. shakeyerdix

    God I bought a good ticket with cheap price in front of Grand Rex yesterday and I had best show ever. Nothing compares to what I had in London a month ago. She sang so much better and the complete version of the show is a must. Impossible to miss the 3 firsts songs. HN that I couldn't stand anymore was finally so groovy and LIVE. Oh it was so so good !
  9. shakeyerdix

    What does "SHOW ENDED" at ? Just no remaining tickets ?
  10. shakeyerdix

    Are there many people who sells tickets in front of Grand Rex or not ?
  11. shakeyerdix

    Are there many people who sells tickets in front of Grand Rex or not ?
  12. shakeyerdix

    Definitely yes. Many old singers have more sales or success than Madonna now a days and there's the taboo subject before ageism is the refusal to look "old". Struggle against the real enemy called wrinkles. Too much aesthetic surgery. Eyes that flange now... People at work always says she's just ridiculous.
  13. shakeyerdix

    Definitely yes ! There comes a time where there are only 2 choices : Keep the show on, so she suffers as much as possible if it's a choice to keep on. OR They cancel totally the end of the tour and they plan a leg 2 at the end of the year with a glorious come back. This tour is a nightmare at the end...
  14. shakeyerdix

    I'm so with you...
  15. shakeyerdix

    Really... The end of this tour is a disaster... I don't agree with her keeping on doing the show if she's not ok... It's embarrassing now. How many dates were canceled ? Some long time before, some like today or at Lisbon at last minute... If something is wrong, use insurance and cancel the tour... Maybe in late 2020 she does a leg 2 of the tour starting with Europe in better shape. Why keeping on this show. We have lost Papa don't preach, Sodade, Crave, God control, Dark ballet & Human nature from almost all shows now. This tour will be the cursed one and it would be better to stop definitely and to come back in few month for a real revenge of stage...