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  1. This red jacket is just awful... How daring wearing such a shit ! The BAT bomber jacket is cool but this red one... ugly taste ! And well done to the Madonna's team again for these beautiful packshots pics of the jacket totally shrinkled. How professional !
  2. The Edits of other songs are similar with what's on stream, right ? I mean, it's still the awfull edited version of God control or Killers ? How the fuck did they dare to cut few seconds of good songs. While they could have cut many boring Madonna's speech whom nobody would have ever noticed...!
  3. I absolutely love I'm breathless and I'm always disapointed it's excluded from Madonna's album discography... Only 3 songs belong to Dick Tracy and others are inspired by but it really makes a real album with Madonna songwritting on it ! I will never understand why it's not included : in the cheap Warner's boxset of 2012, in this week Madonna's add to create Celebration playlist... Actually I think it's brillant from her she made this kind of concept album of 50's big bang jazz music. She was so good on it. It's one of her most original album. She can do something else but dance music ! I think that He's a man is one of the song Madonna's voice is at her best. Hanky Panky is an excellent single. Fun and kinky. Back in business is a fucking good song I could die after hearing it live (so I'll never die...) And so on...!
  4. Sounds like remix studio version of course...
  5. ???? It doesn"t seem to be true. When you watch the source on Spotify, it's WARNER RECORDS on credits... And even if it was Madonna's team... I repeat that the process is not difficult and long at all. Unless Madonna's have only 3 people working with her in general.
  6. Sorry but not ! They have a team of people doing that every week for all the artists. It's so simple. I've seen the person working on it in front of me releasing dozens of songs in a very short time... All songs have a code called ISRC ID that relies automatically to royalties systems. Digital system is very easy. Of course it requires more people to work on a physical box set.
  7. No no no no no... It's the easiest thing in the world. Believe me. And we talk about best selling records woman of the world... Not Tori Amos or whoever who sold just a few a long time ago (sorry I just thought about her as an example...). Digital release require 2 hours of work for a record company such as Warner. Once again, it's not a little record company with 5 people working for it. I saw the process at Universal Music France and they add some music every week a global platforms and it's just a very simple and repetitive process. Regarding the so called remastering, digitalizing a mixed tape is $60 and a multitrack is around $200. Making a mastering of a song that was already released is very fast and one people is required.
  8. In case... It's all here https://mega.nz/folder/cJ8TjJBC#siAtC0ee-hgOnPI6kNEzVw And more than what they'll add on Spotify. At least it's a great thing they have the REAL video online officially for the very first time. I hope directly in HD because it was always online since 2003...
  9. Why are you so happy ? Well it's good to be happy but we know these remixes for 20 years and they always were available. It's good to have them on Spotify to listen to it on smartphone but we have old cd and files in our computer... I'm going to listen to it by the way.... Not an event they stream it until they had some rare undigitalized remixes which I'd be happy for...
  10. I'm not DaddyZ but I agree so much with what he said. My favorites remixes are : True blue (Color) Open your heart (Ext) Causing a commotion (Movie house) Into the groove (You can dance) Where's the party (You can dance) LAP (12'' extended) JML (Orbit 12'') Rescue me (Titanic) Erotica (Masters at work) Deeper & deeper (Shep's classic) Fever (Murks Boys deep south) Fever (Bugged out for bonzaï) Secret (Bizarre) Bedtime stories (Orbital) Love don't live here anymore (Mark's vocal) Love don't live here anymore (Early morning) Frozen (Stereo MC's) ROL (Sasha Twilo) ROL (Sasha Ultraviolet) Substitute for love (Sasha) >> Maybe best remix ever ? Power of goodbye (Luke Slaters super luper) > yeah I know... But freedom comes ! NRM (Kruder & Dorfmeister) >> Awesome one ! NRM (Vikram) Music (Groove Armada) DTM (Calderone Sensory) WIFLFAG (Calderone & Quayle) Die another day (Thunderpuss) > very 'big' club but excellent AL (Felix de Housecat) Hollywood (Thin white duck) Hollywood (Micronauts) Sorry (PSB) Jump (Thin white duck) >> excellent = drives me crazy Jump (Extended) GI2M (Sly and Robbie ragga) > very interesting to revisit the song Revolver (David Guetta) > I hate him but I admit this remix is very good Masterpiece (Kid Capri) Medellin (Sphinx) I don't search (Honey Dijon)
  11. Stuart for music direction on tour is the best thing she'd ever had. What he did was unique and brillant. Respectful of originals and making it brand new. We had best live time with its Erotica/You thrill me verison, the perfect LAV 2006, Live to tell 2006 is even better than cheesy album version, Papa don't preach, Crazy for you are wonderful with his arrangements... Everything was amazing in live with him. Everything. Then she'd worked with Kevin Anthunes and it was just crap... Worst was the first with fucking stupid mash ups... What a shame...
  12. Best idea ever !!!! Fuck awful pictures during live show.
  13. Yes and it's easy to do so. Nobody ever asked to make a box set in 2 months. It's been 2 years we expect a first reissue...
  14. Wow that's great !!! Very happy if it's released ! And so good they'll include bonus tracks !
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