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  1. shakeyerdix

    This is insane... What a great situation... I will prepare a beautiful folded poster where I will write "PLEASE SING GOD CONTROL/DARK BALLET/HUMAN NATURE >> I'M NOT CHANGING MY SHOW FREDDY !" Next sunday (as a second night show....)
  2. shakeyerdix

    Nobody mentionned that she started again the show with Vogue... So no God control, Dark ballet and Human nature. No carfew in Paris... I just hope I won't live the same cut show as in London next sunday when I will go back to the show... This lottery must stop. Either way I can't understand she cut the first 3 songs... God control is the opening. So a very important. I don't really care about Human nature though...
  3. shakeyerdix

    How is going on if you buy on ebay or to someone a ticket and that they cancel the show ?
  4. shakeyerdix

    You're so naive... Her voice is live melted into pre recorded vocals much louder than her voice... What you call pop music is only reduced to the amount of some lazy singers... 90% of the concert I go to are 100% live pop music with real musicians... And the power of live music is incredibly higher than pre recording shits... Oh the time of the Girlie show tour... Very few pre recorded song, all musicians live... And the Drowned world tour... Only one single song pre recorded : Sky fits heaven. ALL OTHERS SONGS were totally live. Madonna's real voice directly... I'm sad not to get this feeling anymore. Especially in a theatre where you ear everything. I felt fucked up by Madonna... She thinks she can do everything, starting late, cancels songs of her shows, asking huge amounts of money for what she calls "charity" but it's sad. And years after years her success is weaker than ever. I don't care about her age. She still can be awesome. Madame X is an excellent album. Better than the shits she produced between 2008 and 2015 (I save many songs of course but let's face it, they were her worsts albums... Especially MDNA). Then she did Madame X which was like the following good album she should have done after Confessions. Still on top of quality. Just sad she didn't succeed the theater concert for me... Tickets too expensive, charity between very rich people and reject the "too poor" people, pre recording of music and vocals instead of having a totally live music (of course she can have pre recorded effects and samples... of course)...
  5. shakeyerdix

    I saw some singers few month ago that driven a theatre venue completely mad and so was I. I still feel many emotions and I'm still able to jump in rythme at a concert. It's just that Madonna is not making people crazy these last time... And I'm sad about it. But there's a lack of effort in a certain way... Same show. And Like a prayer was so slow... Not catchy at all... Cheesy...
  6. shakeyerdix

    I was at the show yesterday... I think I start to be fed up with her. I'm supposed to see her 2 times again in Paris but I think one more show will be enough... So now the show miss God control, Dark ballet, Human nature, Sodade and Crave... Why do we have a reduced show ? And the argue that people don't come to sit when they do the announce just makes me laugh. 100% bullshit. And even though if they did, you just turn off the light and all people will be there !... Bullshit... She was just late as usual... But beside of this, I thought I was going to see something better than what I saw and most of all heard. I saw many rehearsals videos and pics with so many musiciens. But the biggest part of the show is pre recorded. Her voice is live over a pre recorded voice on almost all the show... If we have a recording of Jan 30 (yesterday) we can hear on Killers verse before refrain that she misses the rythme and you hear perfectly the pre recorded voice. Then her voice sound awful. Sorry no other word. Autotune and to much effect that makes the sound so so bad. On a theatre, the music sounds perfect but voice of her sounds just like electronic voice... She dances well, you can't imagine she had knee problem weeks before. She's beautiful, looks great, some moments are grace : especially the fado section and Come alive. But I need a live feeling with musicians playing, singers singing, her voice directly sometimes. I'm ok with vocodeur effects and a bit of autotune for some tracks but not on 90 percent... And leave the piano... It's just stupid. She doesn't even play notes on it... And for a dancehall reggae song like Future, a piano is not really a good idea. For me, she missed the theatre experience. In a way she did a real show as usual, but the as usual disappoints me. She's doing the same thing again and again but each time it's a little bit less great than previous time. No surprise. I was not moved. I didn't feel like I wanna jump in rythme or dance like a bitch with a drive me crazy song (oh the time of DWT or CT seems so so far...). Some singers can make a little theatre the craziest experience ever, you dance, jumps, scream the lyrics and sweat like a pig when show is over. Well it doesn't happen anymore with Madonna shows... Sad. It's getting kitsch now... I was so happy with this theatre tour with a huge band of musicians and singers but unfortunately the pre recording part is taking over it all...
  7. shakeyerdix

    Thanks ! @Jet Yes you can print ticket and they will scan barcode. Will be ok.
  8. shakeyerdix

    How does the tickets works ? I have a ticket for Jan 30 but still can't access to any e-ticket nowhere on my account... With barcode to scan at event entrance. Is it same for everybody ? Do we know when will e ticket will be downloadable ? I'm French and not used to this ticketmaster uk way to act... Thanks !
  9. shakeyerdix

    Albums. Less touring. Music music music. And taking care sometimes of her back catalog for godsake...
  10. shakeyerdix

    Where can you track your package from Barnes and Noble ? My tracking doesn't match with USPS... Thanks.
  11. shakeyerdix

    Why do you expect a different sound ! It's just a different color of vinyl... Nothing has been remastered. They used same tape to make the record.
  12. I don't understand your so big interest for instrumentals... Do you like to karaoke or when Madonna doesn't sing ? I prefer having none instrumentals but demos or unreleased songs. Even remixes interest me better.
  13. shakeyerdix

    4000 copies is a lot in 2019. RSD release are 4000ex released and you can still find the LAV & other big hits reissue for 25€ years after. But this I rise 12" is a very very intelligent release ! I wish each RSD would be a physically unreleased single of the 3 last records !
  14. True she should officially sells unreleased stuff. Because it's been long years now that her close team sells stuff to rich fans who sells it to less rich fans in order to buy new material. At the end, look all we have around in this forum. So so so many demos that made us happy during the last 15 years !... All the Rain tapes, we've been dreaming about that for years...
  15. All albums have been re-released in on vinyls (except GHV2 and Celebration...)