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  1. Best idea ever !!!! Fuck awful pictures during live show.
  2. Yes and it's easy to do so. Nobody ever asked to make a box set in 2 months. It's been 2 years we expect a first reissue...
  3. Wow that's great !!! Very happy if it's released ! And so good they'll include bonus tracks !
  4. This was in 2022. It got better then. But please, the time to make pressing is not an def not an excuse at all. They had time to plan and press their RSD releases such as AL, Everybody. Same for Erotica picture disc. Didn't had troubles at all.
  5. 3-4 months ? Come on... She's not on a little independent label... And even independent labels can have physical copies in 3-4 months... And I know what i talk about...
  6. So true ! of course I use Spotify every day but listening to original pressing vinyl is much much better experience. Sound is warmth. And it's just beautiful. The sleeve, the mechanic, the sound coming from a groove. Get into the the vinyl groove.
  7. If you take care of it a minimum, absolutely not ! My 60's second hands vinyls are awesome and plays so good !!
  8. Our own fault ? Do we have to beat ourselves up now ? For godsake not ! I would be totally happy if ROL extended edition was presenting Like a flower or No substitute for love officially. And there are many more we've never heard and perhaps the best ones... Some unreleased remixes are welcome and the HD video on a blu ray is a good content we've never had. I wish I delete bad sound mp3 to keep only official releases. And "Spoilt" ? it's only an underground system of lack of efficience of M's management with so called cyber attack against M's lap top. I love so much imaginating Madonna's laptop having a section called "My music" with the Rain tapes .wav on it... Come on...
  9. I think for UK record company would have paid tickets to M/M...!
  10. I think for UK record company would have paid tickets to M/M...!
  11. Mmmmh... not... It's not the good one, there was a sleeve with a real long gun in her hands. This one is drawn on the picture and fake... I don't know where that is but it exists
  12. Yes. The single sleeve artwork exists with the gun.
  13. It's the other sleeve with the hidden gun M/M talks about.
  14. Well you can do that for cheap.... https://tshirt-bio-personnalise.fr/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjbagBhD3ARIsANRrqEtzuBkSVON08gczgLNSi9vxHCARy9Sm_plMrzLXoglrWl6Letr7WwEaAn6MEALw_wcB
  15. "We were supposed to be present during photoshoot, our suitcases were ready but at last minute records company asked us to finally stay in France cos it was too expensive. So we couldn't direct photographer, he told us he was lost with hundreds of stills of Madonna. We made a selection and Madonna gave us specifications. She wanted something very "cliché" with a gun and American flag as a a tribute to Patty Hearst... We've decided to give her two proposals. One very close to her request and another that was our vision of her sleeve. We send the two proposals with Fedex and a letter saying 'Here's your sleeve. And here is the one we think the good one for you'. In the letter we mentioned and detail why our proposal was good, and also why the thought the gun was not a good idea... Few days later, we receive her answer. She was only asking to add few stars on top left of second sleeve. And that's it, it was hers. Few month later, Madonna gave an interview to a Spanish media where she was explaining her sleeve. We've heard her saying almost word by word what was written in our letter. We understood we were not wrong (laughs)"
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