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  1. shakeyerdix

    I think it's a huge mess not to have Rescue me and Easy ride we were so close to get... These 2 songs are missing so much. Especially Rescue me...
  2. shakeyerdix

    So so so disappointed to not to have Rescue me... We were finally about to get it... Rehearsals with singers... So close to... and not... Very very disappointing...
  3. shakeyerdix

    Her record company can get the award of the most boring reissue of backcatalog. Effortless ALL THE TIME !
  4. shakeyerdix

    From Tribe (I agree with last part, we're not in a stadium, neither an arena, so shut the fuck up when she'll sing Frozen, Killers or Extreme occident, I don't wanna hear fans ugly voices too !).
  5. shakeyerdix

    No fucking review yet ?
  6. shakeyerdix

    We all want Rescue me more than any other song...! I hope they know ! (Personally LAP in the Eurovision version is the worst idea ever... Shitty version, bad souvenir...)
  7. shakeyerdix

    There's nothing about the main thing... Music... Best 'exceptional' issue of the year is definitely I rise 12". Personally, I absolutely don't care about these tee shirts, jewels, make up... Why not caring about what she's doing best = music. And at least a tour program with exclusive footage I hope will be sold tomorrow in theatre !
  8. shakeyerdix

    Nobody please ?
  9. shakeyerdix

    We all want Rescue me so much ! It's the song with the top posivites reactions... Nobody wants La isla bonita for this tour... Even if LIB is my favorite M's song, it's ok, I enjoyed it so many times live on so many tours now...
  10. shakeyerdix

    If someone have a pre-sale code for tomorrow, I'd be delighted to enjoy it please. Thanks.
  11. shakeyerdix

    I just hope a program as usual... What a shame this 2000$ signed record... They have no limit in their will to get more money in every situation. Makes me feel really uncomfortable...
  12. shakeyerdix

    Very good thing !!
  13. shakeyerdix

    Thanks for the picture. Nothing interesting there. Rainbow vinyl costs twice its price...
  14. shakeyerdix

    Why is it a shame ? The album is in English except few songs which are partly sung in Portuguese or Spanish. And if she wants to sing an album in German, why not !
  15. shakeyerdix

    It means "waiting supplier's delivery" My Fnac order is the same for the moment.