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  1. We don't really know anything for the moment... Personally in France I don't know if the canal MTV that nobody watches anymore will broadcast the concert... Will it be full concert with MTV logo and commercials every 20 minutes ?
  2. It's not clear at all for Europe airing... Will it be broadcast on MTV TV ? On MTV replay or an MTV paying app ? It's been ages MTV is not dedicated to music anymore and in France where I live, MTV is a channel nobody watch anymore....
  3. Looks good ! Maybe her back catalog will now have a life ! I hope so but it sounds good !
  4. Well Eurovision was her worst tv live ever time.... Her voice at MTV EMA 98 was not very good but she was singing in the key (with few difficulties though) but for Eurovision she was totally down... It's a real shame for me.
  5. Words would have been perfect with MX concert. Totally in the spirit of the show... But I think it's a song she'll never perform live because it's too hard for her to sing live. Especially now... Since 2008 she doesn't seem to care of her live voice anymore... Between 2001 and 2006 we had best live moments ever with her very clear voice she worked a lot. Then she dares to sing so so so badly and many time out of the key. Words is much to high for her. They should change the key. And so for many old songs...
  6. Of course they are... Nothing new under the sun...
  7. To Marie Laforêt Best french singer ever
  8. Sure : it would be perfect if they do a Netflix release. Then few months later a blu ray sold on madonna.com I just hope physical releases never stop.
  9. Of course blu ray is much better than dvd... But blu ray are disappearing as much as dvd... Everything is streamed now.... Which is so boring... I so love physical support. Even if they only sell them online, I hope they will not disappear. Imagine if they were selling maxi cd and 12" of all singles since Turn up the radio. Like 2-3000 copies sold exclusively on our store online. Every single would be sold out 1 or 2 months later.... Instead of selling Erotica or LAP pillows...
  10. And is there any improvements between original Japanese EP cd's and their (lovely) reissues as "collector series" in 1997 in slim jewel case or CD sources remains exactly the same ?
  11. Webo girl is for publishing only. It means lyrics and sheets are published through her publishing company, Webo girl. In France, almost 40% of royalties go to the publisher and then 60% are distributed between the writer, composer, producer and distributer of the song. So it's important for artists to become their own publisher for they can earn more royalties. Regarding her back catalog, as she's producing her albums since True blue, she's the owner of the tapes because she invested for it. Being producer means paying studios and musicians you choose and so on. Many times if artist produces, he can get an advance from record company but at the end, if he leaves the record company, he can claim to get back his tapes. But these are some times very long reclaims. And every artist contract is different from another. So it's hard to imagine what can Madonna really do, what Warner is limited to. For sure Warner still has rights to reissue back catalog as all of her albums are still available and they even do (bad) reissues with Rhino. But do they have rights to sell unreleased things that were never issued.... I'm not very sure. If Madonna was one of the producer, they don't own tapes she didn't want to be released. This explains, maybe, the lack of unreleased stuff we always missed. Anyway, I really think she has a bad team that gives bad advices regarding her back catalog which is a huge treasure where she could earn a lot if they did efforts. But sometimes I imagine it's the deal for people working with her : she doesn't want to focus on past stuff so don't talk to her about that. I just imagine...
  12. I was at all shows in Paris Bercy in 2004 and I don't think the whole show was filmed. They filmed the 2 last nights and only on few songs huge cameras were on stage. Many moments of the show were without cameras. I perfectly remember complaining during Nothing fails, the huge camera was between me and her so I didn't see her during the whole song.
  13. Really ? Frozen is extremely good, Lo que siente la mujer, La isla bonita. Unforgettable moments !
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