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  1. notbizzre

    MadameX The same sounds like a fucking brand already. I love you Madonna!!!!!!
  2. notbizzre

    My god so beautiful C a n t w a i t.
  3. notbizzre

    Interesting..thanks to you and your friend! ;)
  4. notbizzre

    Maybe But I'm not sure if Bedtime or RH or any of her early work could be identified as a 'concept'. Defo Erotica, American Life and Confessions could be it in my opinion
  5. I have to confess that even I wondered for a second if I should spend 400 euros to see her live...but I'm staying positive, the WOW factor will come back
  6. Oh dear here comes the conspiracy theory...I respect your intentions, but pleaaase.. Can't we FANS just agree that M sometimes sings out of tune and that is it? Yeah she was nervous for the live broadcast to 200 million people - but wasn't everyone else that night? Yeah maybe her in-ear didn't do the job - but what if they did? We will never know. I LOVED her message and I UBER ADORE Madonna - as I said she picked the wrong songs to start with, people just couldn't connect with any of that - and neither did I as a FAN. Something simpler, less fanfare, her natural theatrics (and YASS two dancers with the symbolic flags) would have had the audience at her feet - as she would normally have US. We all know Madonna has 7 lives every 7 minutes so I'm sure she will resuscitate even stronger from this in the next weeks PS: On a general note, can I please stress the fact that this is the second era in a row where her second live performance encounters some kind of least she's trending everywhere! f*ck the haters! Madonna is QUEEN and she's GONNA CARRY ON HEHHEHE
  7. notbizzre

    if those are 'themes', having become a mother and having found her own spirituality is a 'concept' - which transpires throughout the whole album. M probably didn't intentionally conceive ROL as a concept album, but the album IS a concept album, I'm not sure how this can be debatable.
  8. notbizzre

    Future is about climate change?
  9. notbizzre

    Yes it is. They are 3 concepts.
  10. Hmm. A Pop artist is someone who represents the current times and the people in them. An artist yes - generally will express themselves no matter what. Last night M wasn't pop - there was no connection between her performance and the rest of the world.
  11. I don't agree. A pop artist should connect with a crowd somehow - even if just with the power of their music. Last night she didn't. If she had less yes m'am people around her she'd know that too (i like to think she knows that already) I love Madonna but I found her performance disappointing. Obviously we know she can and will do better next time. The political message was on point though.
  12. I'm reading your comments and enjoying seeing everyone has a different opinion. I still think that the performance wasn't good. Disappointed. In such a colourful context as Eurovision she could have sung different songs - Someone said La Isla Bonita + Medellin (great choice) - and a much less stiff costume (god knows she needs no addition to the purity of her enternainment skills) I wish she'd lose Gaultier - repeating myself - it's done and dusted! Hair à la Crave! Simplicity. Charisma. That is nothing she has and that 300 huge screens can't replace! Madonna give me a reason to pay 400 euros to see you live!
  13. I HATE watching her live on tv. I get as nervous as she probably is. Anyway I really think her song choice was AWFUL sorry. Ok LAP she pitched - tough love. But at least it was spectacular. However the Dark Ballet bit didn't work. The Future bit was boring (the song might eventually work on the radio but doesn't have a wow factor). Altogether it was actually a boring performance - and the gap between songs could be heard from Mars (there was silence) All that dancer/lights/screens fanfare didn't save the performance from feeling outdated. For me Madonna should simply go back to basics and look like in the Crave video - enough with Gaultier! - she looks at her best when fresh!!! It breaks my heart because it was a lost opportunity - and sadly i mean every word.
  14. Personally - and I wish Madonna's team read this - Madonna doesn't need all that choreography and super detailed looks! Future would have been better with a Crave video look! Like a Prayer....what can I say? Sorry I didn't enjoy the performance. I'll watch it again in the next days and hopefully that'll change my mind but no - no wow factor sorry M.