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  1. But it has nothing to do with the fact that she performed in Israel. The performance itself was just piss poor. One of her worst IMO. I’m genuinely gutted for her.
  2. Oh Madonna. Just no. So disappointing.
  3. Behold... she is coming soon...
  4. Haha 😂 But it wouldn’t be Eurovision without a bit of cheese. And Madonna has a fair share of cheesy songs herself ☺️
  5. I think it was more of a joke about Tinder
  6. She’s looks stunning. I’ve always enjoyed Eurovision, and Tel Aviv is a beautiful city, so i’m really looking forward to seeing what she delivers tonight. Bring it, Madame ❌

    If she performs ‘You’ll See’ I will literally die. My ultimate favourite song. I’m not religious but please, God! 🙏🏻🤞🏼

    I am probably alone here but I am loving this track (minus the annoying Quavers feature). It’s my second favourite song from Madame X so far, after Medellín... and i’m glad she’s performing this rather than the dull ‘Crave’ at Eurovision.
  9. Is there anything you DON’T hate? Aren’t you bored of hanging around a Madonna forum just to trash her? Wouldn’t you rather focus on whatever it is that makes you happy? Apologies if you ‘hated’ my comment. I was under the impression this forum was a place to share our appreciation of Madonna, but I am new here so maybe I was wrong.
  10. I loved the Met Gala performance, so if it’s similar then brilliant!! If it’s completely different then (also) brilliant!!! I’m just grateful that, despite being 60, she’s still giving us these high profile performances. Can’t wait to see what she delivers.
  11. MCGUIM

    Oh, silly me. Sorry 😐
  12. MCGUIM

    How did it sound?
  13. So I guess it’s not happening? 😔
  14. I don’t mind a rapper feature at all - I just want to dance 💃🏼😊