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  1. adamsapple

    nah i dont think she is a lover of interviews that is the problem ..especially live ones lol ...
  2. adamsapple

    cant wait for the "i rise " preview and the " she should have released that instead of Medellin comments
  3. adamsapple

    i like miley
  4. adamsapple

    wasnt bye bye baby at mtv awards lip synced lol
  5. adamsapple
  6. adamsapple

    cher doesnt get the shit madonna does is what i mean ! the mtv thing was live and bloody badly organized lol im sure she will seem more relaxed in pre taped recordings again this is a madonna forum not a cher forum ...let cher release her abba tribute songs
  7. adamsapple

    bore off about cher .she does get the shit madonna does ..and madonna hates live tv ... of course she was nervous cher wouldnt have had the balls to go on stage and sing " donald trump suck a dick " whats cher got to bloody do with it
  8. adamsapple

    i think we may get the album early ...earlier
  9. adamsapple

    doesnt he only come out of his cave when she is getting ready to tour
  10. adamsapple

    maluma also looks like hes having a blast in the video
  11. adamsapple

    she was wearing the eye patch in the girlie show too
  12. adamsapple

    did anybody notice the " may contain bad language warning " hahahaha they did not trust madonna
  13. adamsapple

    and maluma fans ..:) and even her haters ..but will it help it chart
  14. adamsapple

    she should save all the interview promo for the album launch ..