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  1. adamsapple

    id rather read his comments about her than you bloody moaning about how the album is not shaping up for you ...him saying she looks chinese is not making fun of a race so whatever .jesus christ
  2. adamsapple

    its totally different ...
  3. adamsapple

    come alive sounds like body shops little sister
  4. adamsapple

    i know i will love the anitta track ...i like the original soo and it seems she has changed the lyrics
  5. adamsapple

    i like the sound of this one too ..
  6. adamsapple

    think that is i dont search i find , she previewed that song sounds so coool ...i need it
  7. adamsapple

    the person who was jailed hacked into madonnas computer or server invaded her privacy ...not just the music but god knows what else he got - pussy shots lol
  8. adamsapple

    urggg how annoying somebody is playing it in the clip jealous
  9. adamsapple

    pre orders count dont they ?
  10. adamsapple

    well i am jealous and im mad that the fan who claims he has it is not going to listen to it till sunday ..if i had that album i would listen to it as soon as i got the chance it would not sit on the shelf waiting yeah im well jell
  11. adamsapple

    if the vinyl was available in chile and canada it would have leaked by now in one form or another ......are people lying
  12. adamsapple

    i hope we get another edition of the video with more madonna ..
  13. adamsapple

    @c3s4r_does the Madonna name across the brows come as a sticker that you can remove from the vinyl ?
  14. adamsapple

    i think you can i think its a sticker ..i heard
  15. adamsapple

    yeah hes on this page ....