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  1. Thank you so much Bertrand and everyone who contributed.
  2. My favorite album! I think it's perfect from start to finish. Impossible to pick a favorite track... Maybe "Deeper and Deeper" and "Bad Girl", these two songs "knocked me down" when I heard it in 1992 when I was ten years old. I would cut "Did You Do It?" and perhaps included "Goodbye To Innocence" or "Shame".
  3. My first item was The Immaculate Collection album. March 1991. I was nine years old.
  4. 11/13 I messed up the Music video (2) and Into the Groove (11) : (
  5. March 1991, my birthday, nine years... My mother and I went to a record store and I remember well... I wanted a record as a birthday present, but had nothing in my mind. Then my mother asked to the shop owner: What's the best-selling record? The answer? The Immaculate Collection! Since then I'm dedicated to Madonna... My first big concert was The Girlie Show in Sao Paulo, I was only 11! Oh! Madonna!
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