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  1. CVMAD

    nastybutfancy, you´re doing an incredible job! AMAZING! I'll visit your blog every day. Thank you for your work!
  2. CVMAD

    Looking For Mercy
  3. CVMAD

    My first item was The Immaculate Collection album. March 1991. I was nine years old.
  4. CVMAD

    11/13 I messed up the Music video (2) and Into the Groove (11) : (
  5. March 1991, my birthday, nine years... My mother and I went to a record store and I remember well... I wanted a record as a birthday present, but had nothing in my mind. Then my mother asked to the shop owner: What's the best-selling record? The answer? The Immaculate Collection! Since then I'm dedicated to Madonna... My first big concert was The Girlie Show in Sao Paulo, I was only 11! Oh! Madonna!