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  1. Since Who's That Girl is actually my favorite Madonna film, I decided to go with a different user name.

  2. I'm personally not embarrassed; however, for her sake I think some time away from social media would be good. There can be too much of a good thing. I'm not an expert on social media, but in comparison to other celebrity accounts, Madame M (my new name for her since the topless selfie) seems to be a bit bored and just posting to post. Can we get her a new content creator?
  3. I chose Room1 because I was fascinated with M's film "Four Rooms" and since she was in the first room featured in the film...

  4. Finally updated my profile picture to an actual photo of me!

  5. Box_6111

    I would love to hear an acoustic greatest hits album in conjunction with some new tracks in the same vibe.
  6. Box_6111

    I was really hoping Madame X would make a stop in central Florida on this tour. Miami is the closest, but that's a 4+ hour trip.
  7. I became a concierge in hopes that a coven of witches would request my services; however, all I got was a hellish baby sitting request with a dead wh*re in mattress.  It was better than Rooms 2 and 4 though!

    1. James19709


      Such an underrated film

    2. Box_6111


      I agree. It's become one of my favorite Madonna films.

    3. James19709


      Wish they'd release more M films on blu-ray in the UK