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  1. Interesting choice. I wonder why she's only releasing these on her YouTube channel and not Apple Music or other platforms?
  2. Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman are at the top of my list, and of course Whitney (RIP).
  3. I like the fact that Madonna explores variations adaptations of pop and electronic music; however, Hard Candy is my least favorite album she has recorded. It's more of a celebration of Justin Timberlake that her own true sound (I would love to hear a solo version of '4 Minutes'). Madame X is incredibly different, but it still has an element of 'Madonna' to it hidden deep within.
  4. Paradise (Not For Me) was really weird to me at first, but now it's one of my top 10 Madonna favorites!
  5. I did this with Melanie C's concert (Colour and Light Stream) a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it! Her's was $10 a ticket, but then she started releasing individual tracks on her YouTube channel for free. Regardless, it was a pretty cool experience. Got my Kylie ticket and looking forward to see how her's differs from Mel C's. MELANIE C - Who I Am [Live at Colour And Light Stream]
  6. Since Who's That Girl is actually my favorite Madonna film, I decided to go with a different user name.

  7. Thank you @Prayer!! You helped jog my memory. I found the track...it was "Trippin' On the Bass" by DJ Baby Anne. She's got some awesome tracks!
  8. The beginning of the song had four beeps, then the bass kicked in and later the words. It seems like it may have possibly been a female singer. I'm sorry that's all I remember right now...
  9. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question or not, but here it goes... One of my best friends was a [local] DJ in the 90s and early 2000s. He DJ'd all the high school dances and played typical pop tracks like Madonna, Janet, etc. but also played rap, tech andbass mixes etc. (ex: Sleeze Boyz "Dance Till You Drop"). There was a song he played that I'm trying to find...it was, of course a dance track, and at the beginning it had a series of beeps (like a metronome in 4/4 time) that went on throughout the song. (It was definitely not the Beep Beep I'm a Sheep song.) Does anyone remotely know of the song I'm talking about and what the name and artist is? My friend recently passed away and I'm trying to put together of compilation CD of his dance music for his friends and family. He gave me quite a bit of his music several years ago, but this is the missing piece. If anyone can assist or point me in the right direction, I would more than greatly appreciate any advice.
  10. I'm personally not embarrassed; however, for her sake I think some time away from social media would be good. There can be too much of a good thing. I'm not an expert on social media, but in comparison to other celebrity accounts, Madame M (my new name for her since the topless selfie) seems to be a bit bored and just posting to post. Can we get her a new content creator?
  11. I chose Room1 because I was fascinated with M's film "Four Rooms" and since she was in the first room featured in the film...

  12. Finally updated my profile picture to an actual photo of me!

  13. I would love to hear an acoustic greatest hits album in conjunction with some new tracks in the same vibe.
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