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  2. Please, lets forget about madame x? Tears of a Clown don't look like a Rebel Heart Tour
  3. madonna brought back love don't live here anymore in 1996 and 2015. I wouldn't be surprised with an EP of remixes of songs like Future Lovers.
  4. Vogue Nobody Knows Me Express Yourself Material Girl Into The Groove Crazy For You
  5. among all the albums of that decade, I think the worst was the MDNA. Calling Martin Solveig to produce the album was terrible. Even the collaborations with William Orbit seemed without identity, tiring and far from what we heard on Ray Of Light. You can feel the same in Rebel Heart, but the quality of production is much better. As Madame x, I believe it is an introspective moment in her career, but she really needs to forget some things like bullfighters and Latin culture.
  6. Mdna is from 2012, produced in 2011 Britney jean is from 2013...
  7. maybe the film's soundtrack has some new music written by her and patrick But I really believe that she should work on the film in a long time, she will have difficulties with casting choices, and coronavirus. For a film you need a lot of people involved in the work. maybe it will entertain us in the meantime with some mixtape, it would be something new and extremely interesting.
  8. We could do a campaign for Madonna to make one live with rare songs, like the tears of clown show?
  9. She and Cody have been very open on social media about their progress on the film, and even the other day she suggested the film might be called Live To Tell, a song from the 1986 film At Close Range
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