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  1. I think madonna can forget the eye patch...
  2. Soundtrack of wonder woman?
  3. drcosmonauta

    I think that before we think about a triple album, or the sound, we should think about where it will launch, after all the contract with the interscorpe has already ended...
  4. drcosmonauta

    I think the political and social content will still be in your lyrics. 'God Control' is a sign that social discussions and the dance floor can go together on their new album.
  5. drcosmonauta

    "I Miss Being The Dancing Queen!" I think this is a good sign.
  6. drcosmonauta

    Max Martin? oh please, no!
  7. drcosmonauta

    maybe a cover/remix of Blue Monday of New Order? or another 80 song of Madonna?
  8. drcosmonauta

    britney its horrible
  9. drcosmonauta

  10. drcosmonauta

    Theres a physical attraction blond ambition version??
  11. drcosmonauta

    I think Britney is really not very memorable and it only lasted in the 2000s, Beyoncé erased anything relevant that Britney has done, even Pink is still remembered unlike Britney. Her decline showed that she was always a blonde girl with no talent and serious mental problems. Associating with her was a mistake, but Madonna was not only queen of pop in the 2000s. She was Queen in the 80s, 90s, 2000 and forever.
  12. drcosmonauta

    she never gonna make something like where life begins or secret garden again! get out of the wonderland, alice!
  13. drcosmonauta

    THE RAY OF LIGHT TOUR DARKNESS 1. Intro (With Elements of "Bedtime Story", "Shanti Ashtangi" in a Orchestral Version Of "Frozen") 2. FROZEN 3. SKIN 4. SKY FITS HEAVEN 5. NOTHING REALLY MATTERS 6. DROWNED WORLD/SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE INDIAN 7. BEDTIME STORY 8. OPEN YOUR HEART (Indian Mix) HIPPIE/60' YEARS 9. HAS TO BE Interlude 10. SWIM 11. CANDY PERFUME GIRL 12. HUMAN NATURE 13. SECRET ACOUSTIC 14. DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA Orchestral Interlude 15. YOU MUST LOVE ME 16. THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND 17. YOU'LL SEE 18. LA ISLA BONITA (Acoustic Version) 19. TAKE A BOW ENCORE 20. SHANTI ASHTANGI Interlude 21. HOLIDAY ("Music Sounds Better With You" Mix) 22. RAY OF LIGHT What did you think? I was thinking about remixing this setlist and doing the whole show.