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  1. drcosmonauta

    Shes dancing with the hat like on the borderline vídeo, is so pretty
  2. drcosmonauta

    Her best video since ghosttown. the photography is great, shes look so pretty and beautiful... this is gonna be a visual album
  3. drcosmonauta

    I'm confused about this tour, i don't know If Will be like a tears of Clown or a Olympia Paris Show...
  4. drcosmonauta

    After Take A Bow i really stared a dreaming about a New Bad Girl live
  5. drcosmonauta

    I've been thinking, as Madame X will be a theater tour, I was thinking of doing a tour made based only on the singles 2000-2015, as a special show in some arena. MADONNA - A SPECIAL CONCERT Act I - APOCALYPSE "Hung Up" "4 Minutes" "I'm So Stupid (Guitar Version)" "Impressive Instant" "Die Another Day" ACT II - GLAMOROUS "I Love New York (Interlude)" "Hollywood" "Beautiful Stranger" "Candy Shop" "Girl Gone Wild" ACT III - GANGSTER "Give Me All Your Luvin (Interlude)" "Revolver" "Sorry" "Joan Of Arc "Love Profusion" "Ghosttown" "Masterpiece" ACT IV - ENCORE "American Life (Interlude)" "Music" "Turn Up The Radio" "Give It 2 Me" "Celebration" "Bitch I'm Madonna" Some ideas?
  6. drcosmonauta

    No, this music is terrible like everything that britney mades
  7. drcosmonauta

    Well, so someone have the album?
  8. drcosmonauta

    Theatre tour is when you don't have a album to show to the world. Better go to vegas...
  9. drcosmonauta

    THEATRE? I'm out.
  10. drcosmonauta

    Sounds like a R&B Ballad of "COADF", i like it, i think the remixes is gonna be great
  11. drcosmonauta

    And the playback too xD
  12. drcosmonauta

    The dancers are dressing with the SAME thing of the latin bloco of Rebel heart Tour
  13. drcosmonauta

    Madonna, please....
  14. drcosmonauta

    The same hair of living for love promo?
  15. drcosmonauta

    We see this with cher, why not? Break the internet again