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  1. drcosmonauta

    Express yourself is just 30 seconds in acapella
  2. drcosmonauta

    Confused show. I don't like it.
  3. drcosmonauta

    Wheres the fucking setlist?
  4. drcosmonauta

    When michael jackson dead so many shows that for everybody in the time are lost, leaked.
  5. drcosmonauta

    Someone have this picture?
  6. drcosmonauta

    I cant wait to see the setlist
  7. drcosmonauta

    Anitta gives a interview on Brazil, and say that Madonna still waiting to do a faz gostoso video
  8. drcosmonauta

    MADONNA Celebration Tour Set List Act 1 | Disco Diva 01. Hung Up 02. Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne) 03. Deeper & Deeper 04. Physical Attraction 05. Everybody Act 2 | Carbaret 06. Rescue Me (Interlude) 07. Vogue 08. Express Yourself 09. Material Girl 10. True Blue/Cherish Medley 11. Into The Groove Act 3 | Indian 12. Human Nature (Interlude) 13. Frozen 14. Open Your Heart 15. Justify My Love 16. Like A Prayer 17. Live To Tell Act 4 | Old School 18. American Life (Interlude) 19. Give It 2 Me 20. Ray Of Light 21. Dress You Up (Rock Remix) 22. Causing A Commotion & Where's The Party Medley 23. Music Act 5 | Final 24. Holiday 25. Celebration
  9. drcosmonauta

    She's never stared a Tour with a "Old" Single, or repeat the same Opening Song, just on the Re-Invention cause she's say that tour are more "celebrating" i think the Opening Song is gonna be God Control or Batuka.
  10. drcosmonauta

    I'm Trying to make a Celebration Tour fan made a 2 years, i never finish the project, but i think it's a good idea try to finish this...
  11. drcosmonauta

    I Think that "Holiday/Celebration" medley gonna happen
  12. drcosmonauta

    You work with Madonna team? Theres a Lot of things that nobody knows, i don't want a "Taylor swift" stupid video, who are crying for streaming a and views for me is who want a video like Taylor Swift.
  13. drcosmonauta

    5 Videos: God Control Medellín Crave Dark Ballet I Rise Now we gonna have "Batuka" and "Faz Gostoso" Oh god, this look like a dream for me
  14. drcosmonauta

    Maybe the drags are for a "i don't search i find" video (???)
  15. drcosmonauta

    And About the drags?